Charlotte de Witte releases ‘Asura EP’

Belgian techno DJ Charlotte de Witte released her new EP, ‘Asura’, on her label KNTXT .


The three tunes channel many of de Witte’s psychedelic influences. ‘Asura’ is techno, bass and acid-infused track whilst ‘Soma’ adds further drums and psychedelia into the mix. The final track ‘Stigma’ continues with even more pounding techno, drums, and acid, to round off a high-energy, rave-ready compilation.

Released on her own KNTXT label, the ‘Asura EP‘ promises to be a staple in your techno collection. After being crowned the winner of the Alternative Top 100 DJs at the end of 2020, it has been a busy year for De Witte. She kicked off 2021 with a thrilling virtual set on the Melodia stage for Tomorrowland’s New Year’s Eve digital festival, inspired by the festival’s 2015 theme, ‘The Secret Kingdom of Melodia’. Her label KNTXT launched a partnership with Apple Music, she performed a live stream with her partner Enrico Sangiuliano to celebrate the release of their ‘The Age of Love’ remix, and she even managed to sneak in an Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1. The new EP certainly adds significant value to the Charlotte de Witte catalog, with each track contributing something different to her sets.


“With Asura EP I’m trying to give you a little insight into my musical influences by going back to my roots. We’re speaking about a young Charlotte who, about 12 / 13 years ago, got indulged in the world of electronic music by going to her first underground clubs and raves. From electro and techno to acid core and hardcore to psytrance. This EP flirts with the soundscapes of the latter.” – says Charlotte of the EP 


The release is on her label, KNTXT – which de Witte has boosted the profile of significantly over the last few months – including a monthly KNTXT Residency Mix and KNTXT Active.


‘Asura’ is available digitally and via vinyl – click here to purchase.