CERCLE Prepared Their First Vinyl Compilation

Cercle, which has become famous for the visual shows and organizations they have made for years, created the first vinyl work consisting of the tracks played at these events.

The gigantic organization Cercle, which brought culture, art and history together and conveyed this to the audience with a magnificent production, has done a job that left the fans delighted. Combining the beauties of nature with music in a magnificent harmony, the organization was previously located in historical places such as Eiffel Tower, Mount Nemrut, Cappadocia, Bourdelle’s Museum and the Great Pyramid of Giza and many more. The works exhibited by the DJs and artists involved in these organizations will now be in vinyl and will be offered for sale by Cercle for the first time.

(Ben Böhmer, Cappadocia, Cercle)

(WhoMadeWho, Abu Simbel, Cercle)

(blondish, Sint Maarten, Cercle)

In addition to many surprises, the album, which consists of two vinyls, will have 15 tracks and you will listen to the works of artists such as Ash, Monolink, Teho etc. The first announcement is made about the work that is also supported by GRAPHITE and COTON.

Be sure to take your spot and pre-order as there are only 3000 available for the first release. You can order here to own this iconic product.


You can take a look at all vinyl’s tracks and artists below.