Birth, Death & Chaos: Illegal Rave in Italy

The 6-day rave party held in Lake Mezzano caused many incidents and ended with the intervention of the authorities.

In the party, which resonated with the fact that one person jumped into the lake without taking precautions and drowned, 4 people were also hospitalized with the diagnosis of agitation caused by an overdose of drugs. Only a few thousand of the people who joined the party, which is estimated to exceed tens of thousands, could be identified by the officials.

“The situation is out of control, no negotiation is possible, public order must be restored, people identified and the responsibility for such a gathering must be established”

said health councillor Alessio D’Amato.

(Gianluca Santiago, 25, found dead in Lake Mezzano in this illegal rave party)

Expressing the concern that a large organization of this scale will also increase covid-19 cases, the spokespersons said that this garbage dump will be cleaned as soon as possible. Expressing that such illegal formations will cause great harm to both the arts, the environment and the society; they also underlined that these kinds of organizations will also be a barrier for future events.

Aside from those who fell into coma, drowned, and remained unconscious, the most interesting incident was the birth of a baby during the event. The identity of this person was kept confidential.