Artists United to Help and Aid Earthquake in Turkey

The article will expose readers how to support, help, fund and aid to earthquake victims in Turkiye.

Many organizations, events and artists are raising funds for the victims of earthquakes that took apart in Turkey and Syria, where over 40,000 people died, for now.

Artists in Turkey and all around the world have started to take an action. To raise sensitivity and awareness, thousands of well-known artists focused the canon on the earthquake zone. They either promote and show the direction on how to donate, or they arrange an organization to fund it by themselves.

The series of aid led by the group called ‘DJs of Turkiye‘, which started the biggest donation campaign in the music circle in Turkey. Nearly 500 global artists, music establishments and clubs were contacted via Instagram and Twitter, and they were asked to add donation links, especially Ahbap, to their stories or posts, and make a call for help for the tragic event in Turkey. Supporting artists and industry formations have approximately 60 million followers on social media.

Many music venues in Turkey are now operating as warehouses to store and dispatch urgent supplies to the affected areas. The likes of RX Istanbul, Klein Phönix, Klein Harbiye, MiniMusikhol, Kite and Zorlu PSM have all contributed to the relief effort. Istanbul producer Serkan Eles said historic sites that were built thousands of years ago are now unrecognisable. “A big thank you to everyone at this hour,” he added. “Our music clubs in Istanbul and other cities are organised and continue to collect donations to be sent to the earthquake region.


Hundreds of reputable names from many parts of the world did not remain indifferent, on the contrary they shared their emotions. Here are the few posts of those names from techno and all other music channels;



Apart from that, many organizations and event holders are planning to hold stages for the aid. Here’s a list of fundraising events taking place in support of the earthquake:
If you are thinking about to fund and help the people in Turkey directly, find a list of ways you can support them below.


Turkey’s governmental emergency management and civil protection organisation. Amongst the other governmental, NGO and private institutions, it provides coordination, formulates policies and implements them.

Donate here.



A charity network founded by Turkish singer Haluk Levent. It’s one of the most active groups having a network of hundreds of philanthropists and tens of thousands of volunteers throughout the country.

Donate here.



A Turkish non-governmental organisation for disaster search and rescue relief.

Donate here.