Apple Music Monetizes DJ Mixes

The decent company Apple, which aims to monetize on this subject, has already signed deals with other music organizations such as DJ-Kicks and Boiler Room.

From now on, the Apple Music will be able to detect and identify mixes belonging to DJs, thus offering them the right to claim their copyrights.

Technopolis Apple, which is advancing day by day, has recently started to offer a great service for DJs by developing the Shazam music sensor. By extracting which artist is behind any mix through the application, Apple Music will offer them copyright and thus DJs will actually generate a source of income.

So, do you know which companies the Apple Music world has agreed with to parse mixes so far? Shakes were made with well-known companies namely; Boiler Room, Mixmag, Tomorrowland and Cercle. So much so that this application will even be able to detect and define series from the ’90s.

Horst Weidenmüller, the founder and CEO of !K7 music company, describes this opportunity to the audience:

“This is a big moment for K7! Through the partnership with Apple we finally have a place to celebrate DJ-Kicks with additional 14 editions which haven’t been in the market for over 15 years.”

You can check out Apple Music’s mixes via this link.