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Gardens of Babylon  October 22 and 23  This coming together of music, spirituality and great people is a real firm favourite of ADE. Under the name of The Seekers of

ADE Guide
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  • PublishedOctober 14, 2022

Gardens of Babylon 

October 22 and 23 

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This coming together of music, spirituality and great people is a real firm favourite of ADE. Under the name of The Seekers of Light ADE it returns once more this year with top class headliners such as Christian Löffler, Audiofly, Jan Blomqvist, YokoO, Yulia Niko,  Salomé le Chat and many more. The Gardens of Babylon is set to transform Amsterdam’s WesterUnie into a magical and playful garden decorated into detail by 100 helping hands.




VBX x Shelter

October 23 

This is one for the heads. It brings the leading underground party crew VBX totters with the much loved Shelter club for a night of serious good sounds. Alexia Glensy, Bruno Schmidt, Christian AB, Francesco del Garda, Ferro all play.





October 22

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This event at Loft is a real mainstay of the annual party plans. It happens upstairs at Shelter on ADE’s Saturday morning with key associates DJ Senc, Doudou MD, Sweely and Velasco all offering up the label’s famously distinctive sounds.




Breakfast Club

October 22

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North Sea Venue is the new spot for this one this year. It is a party that is filled with raucous vibes and will have an old school feel with techno, electro and more all lined up form the best in the game. They include Carl H, DJ Stingray, DJ Nobu, Ivan Smagghe, Jane Fitz and tens more.




Awakenings x AFTERLIFE

October 22

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This one barely needs any introduction at all: Awakenings is the colossal and legendary techno festival with off the wall production and only the biggest headliners. AFTERLIFE is the moody melodic techno label run by Italian pair Tale Of Us. They come together here for a fine party with Tale Of Us, Colyn, Mind Against, Stephan Bodzin (LIVE), Olympe.




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