A New Kind of Festival Emerges: SkyFest

We were not kidding when we said “get high”

It will be in the last week of August, we are going to witness a new event in San Diego, Brazil. Techno music bangers bring together both raving and skydiving. The event, which will combine the excitement of adrenaline junkies with the spirit of party-heads, shares many common feelings.

The event, which is currently limited to 200 people, is described by the organization Skyfest: “just a few feet from the dance floor”, and adds:

“There will be hundreds of skydivers floating down all day long and the vibes are going to be incredible.”

While the event, which is expected to last for 12 hours, will be held at Skydive San Diego on August 27, many things are considered in the event circum, including many art events, eating and drinking areas. Moreover, an after party in the city center, Bloom Nightclub, is also scheduled.

You can view and get event tickets from the link here, as well as view the poster below for line-up and more.