500-years-old Church is Ravaged in New Year’s Eve (2021) Rave-party

The 500-years-old structure (Church) is plunged during a New Year’s Eve (2021) party, which was illegal, by several attendants.

500-years-old Church is Ravaged in New Year’s Eve (2021) Rave-party
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  • PublishedJanuary 9, 2021
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New Year’s Eve rave causes thousands in damages to a 500-year-old Essex church, igniting community efforts to restore the historic site.

In a shocking turn of events, revelers converted All Saints Church in Essex, Britain, into an illicit party venue during a New Year’s Eve celebration. Despite guidelines urging locals to remain indoors due to health concerns, the ancient structure suffered damage amounting to thousands of pounds after attendees transformed it into a makeshift bar. The church community and parishioners are reeling from the extensive harm inflicted upon this historic site and are expressing heartbreak over the desecration.

The law enforcement officers attempting to disband the gathering faced hostility, with reports of being harassed and pelted with objects by partygoers. This unauthorized event not only flouted public health directives but also showcased a blatant disregard for cultural heritage and community values.

500-years-old Church is Ravaged in a Rave-party (New Year's Eve)

Astonishingly, the church, a property of the Churches Conservation Trust, has not hosted religious services since 1970. However, it remains a cherished location for local happenings. The incident has sparked a wave of support for the church, with many rallying to aid in its restoration. Astrid Gillespie, a dedicated volunteer for Friends of All Saints, recounted the professionalism of the setup, highlighting a token-exchange system at a so-called bar area. The damage to such a revered landmark has left the community in dismay. Yet, Astrid Gillespie finds solace in the overwhelming support, viewing it as a testament to human kindness amidst adversity.

This regrettable incident underscores the delicate balance between preserving historical sites and modern community use. As the community banded together to mend the wounds inflicted upon All Saints Church, the event poignantly reminded us of our responsibility to safeguard our collective heritage.

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