500-years-old Church is Ravaged in a Rave-party

The old structure is plunged during a New Year’s Eve party, which was illegal, by several attendants

All Saints Church, in Essex, Britain, is damaged cost over thounsand of pounds by ravers who turned the place into a bar-like venue.

Parishoners, the community of the church, stated that the damage is devastating and the cost could be over thousands of pounds to repair. Furthermore, Essex officers have claimed that they were bullied by ravers and even ravers threw objects to them while officers were trying to hold up the event.

Although the Essex local were informed to stay at home, since they are in the risk circle for coronavirus, the event still held by group of people, therefore which seems illegal. Astrid Gillespie, a volunteer for Friends of All Saints, stated in BBC that:

“It was a professional set-up. They had a bar area where you had to exchange tokens. It’s such a beautiful church. To find out it’s been damaged is devastating.”

Referring to the money that was raised, she said: “Faith in humanity restored

Further informations revealed that the church, which is owned by the Churches Conservation Trust, has not been used for religious services since 1970. Indeed, some of the local events were held and hosted in this place.