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Top 5 Tracks of The Week #050

The excitement of techno music never ends, and we have gathered the hottest top 5 tracks of the week, just special for you.

Top 5 Tracks of The Week #050
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  • PublishedAugust 27, 2023

The best way to impress listeners is to take them on a celestial musical journey that will let them out of this world. For this purpose, the top 5 tracks have been uploaded to this week’s special channel by Techno Airlines‘ editors; please stay tuned for more.

Alban Chela, BOOTY LEAK feat. Eirik Næss – (Na Na Na)

BOOTY LEAK‘s utilization of indigenous rhythms and percussion is a clear indication of how much Brazil’s rich cultural past has affected their musical style. Their songs are the ideal illustration of how electronic music can be utilized to unite people from all cultural and musical backgrounds.

Dreams From The Past – (15 | Radio Edit)

Hailing from Moscow, DJ, and producer Dreams From The Past captivates listeners with an energetic house style. The philosophy of ‘all you need is bass‘, echoing in the lyrics enchants the ears in the track ’15.’ Dreams From the Past‘s unique musical vision continues to create unforgettable moments on the dance floors.

CØV3R1st x HOMINID – (Fall Out)

Emerging this summer, the collaborative masterpiece “Fall Out” by HOMINID and CØV3R1st gracefully inaugurates their presence in the techno music realm. This intricately woven track not only marks their stellar foray into the genre but also stands as a captivating ode to the gaming world, leaving an indelible imprint of innovation and artistry.

Cody Chase – (Supernova | Radio Edit)

Continuing to make a remarkable impact, Miami’s music sensation Cody Chase is relentlessly pushing boundaries. The techno track “Supernova, a creation of Nova Collective, promises listeners a profound musical odyssey, immersing them in the enchanting realm of electronic melodies and offering an unforgettable experience. You can take a look at his album on Spotify.

Adam Ten & Yamagucci – (The K Dance)

The project of Crosstown Rebels welcomes Adam Ten & Yamagucci’s playful yet off-kilter and wonky ‘The K Dance’, which unveils itself as a production perfect for those late night hours and early afters.

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