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Top 5 Techno Tracks of The Week #071 (April 22 – 28, 2024)

Discover the hottest techno tracks of the week (April 22-28, 2024) and experience a celestial musical journey with our latest selections.

Top 5 Techno Tracks of The Week #071 (April 22 – 28, 2024)
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  • PublishedApril 29, 2024
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The excitement of techno music never ends, and we have gathered the hottest top techno tracks of the week, continuing with the last week of April 24′ (April 22 – 28, 2024), just for you. The best way to impress listeners is to take them on a celestial musical journey that will let them out of this world.

For this purpose, the top 5 techno tracks of this week have been uploaded to this week’s special channel by Techno Airlines’ editors; stay tuned every week to listen for top techno tracks.

Vintage Culture, Magnus – Nothing Ever Changes (CamelPhat Remix)

Vintage Culture, Magnus - Nothing Ever Changes (CamelPhat Remix)

Vintage Culture, Magnus – Nothing Ever Changes (CamelPhat Remix) | Magnus and Vintage Culture’s latest techno track, “Nothing Ever Changes“, has taken the electronic music scene by storm, earning a coveted spot among the top 5 techno tracks in Techno Airlines. Magnus, known for his seamless fusion of trance and psytrance elements, brings his signature style to the collaboration, blending uplifting melodies with driving beats.

Vintage Culture, hailing from Brazil, adds his charismatic stage presence and studio prowess to the mix, elevating the track to new heights. To further enhance the experience, CamelPhat’s remix adds an extra layer of depth and energy, cementing “Nothing Ever Changes” as a must-listen for techno enthusiasts worldwide.

Anyma – Now or Never

Anyma - Now or Never

Anyma – Now or Never | Anyma’s latest techno track, “Now or Never“, continues to captivate audiences worldwide, earning its place among the top 5 techno tracks in Techno Airlines for the third consecutive week. As a visionary artist and member of Tale of Us, Anyma has been pushing the boundaries of electronic music with his groundbreaking Genesys II album.

Collaborating closely with visual artists, Anyma creates a mesmerizing sonic journey that intertwines seamlessly with captivating visuals. With each track from the Genesys II album, Anyma crafts a unique narrative, offering listeners a fantastical aesthetic experience that leaves a lasting impression. “Now or Never” stands as a testament to Anyma’s avant-garde approach and his commitment to pushing the envelope in the electronic music scene.


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Miss Monique – Look at You

Miss Monique - Look at You

Miss Monique – Look at You | After a while, Miss Monique triumphantly returns to the techno scene with her latest track, “Look at You“. It earned a well-deserved spot among the top five techno tracks in Techno Airlines. Known for her seamless fusion of techno rhythms with classic trance and progressive tunes, Miss Monique’s comeback has been met with excitement from her loyal fanbase.

Rising to fame through her captivating podcasts and electrifying live sets, Miss Monique has solidified her position as one of the most recognized female DJs in the progressive house genre. With her label, Siona Records, supporting aspiring artists, and her global performances garnering millions of views, Miss Monique continues to push the boundaries of electronic music with her unparalleled talent and dedication.

Tenvin, Annett Gapstream – Manifest

Tenvin, Annett Gapstream - Manifest

Tenvin, Annett Gapstream – Manifest | Stepping a glorious foot ahead on the electronic music scene, Annett Gapstream and Tenvin’s collaboration on their latest techno track, “Manifest“, has earned them a well-deserved spot among the top 5 techno tracks in Techno Airlines. Known for her distinctively arty and defined style, Annett Gapstream brings refreshing minimalism to the genre, infusing her tracks with colorful yet dark-day techno and house vibes that resonate with listeners worldwide.

Meanwhile, Tenvin’s mastery of melodic hooks, lush harmonies, and hypnotic rhythms adds an extra layer of depth and wonder to “Manifest“, captivating audiences and inviting them to embark on a mesmerizing sonic journey. With their combined talents and undeniable chemistry, Annett Gapstream and Tenvin prove that their comeback is nothing short of extraordinary, solidifying their status as trailblazers in the techno music scene.

Whoriskey – Torn

Whoriskey - Torn

Whoriskey – Torn | Emerging from the vibrant electronic music scene of Ireland, Whoriskey’s latest techno track, “Torn“, has caught the attention of listeners and critics alike, earning a prestigious spot among the top 5 techno tracks in Techno Airlines. With his roots deeply entrenched in the realms of progressive house, Whoriskey brings a unique blend of deep, melodic, and progressive elements to his productions, creating a sound that is distinctly his own.

From his humble beginnings on pirate radio stations to breaking into the Beatport Progressive House Releases Top 100 Chart, Whoriskey’s journey is a testament to his talent and dedication to his craft. Now signed with the renowned Irish Progressive House label Full Tilt Recordings, Whoriskey is poised to make waves in the electronic music scene with his upcoming releases, solidifying his position as a rising star in the industry.

Conclusion: Let’s Wrap it up!

The techno landscape continues to evolve with each passing week, and the latest roundup of top techno tracks from Techno Airlines showcases the genre’s diverse and innovative spirit. From the ethereal remix of “Nothing Ever Changes” by Magnus and Vintage Culture, enhanced by CamelPhat‘s expert touch, to Anyma‘s consistent domination with “Now or Never“, techno enthusiasts are treated to a kaleidoscope of sonic delights. Miss Monique‘s triumphant return with “Look at You” signals a resurgence of her infectious energy, while Annett Gapstream and Tenvin‘s collaboration on “Manifest” proves to be a masterclass in artistic synergy.

Meanwhile, Whoriskey‘s emergence from the Irish electronic music scene with “Torn” underscores the genre’s global reach and the boundless creativity of its emerging talents. As these techno tracks captivate audiences worldwide, they serve as a testament to the enduring allure and limitless potential of techno music, ensuring its place at the forefront of electronic music culture for years to come

Stay tuned, and keep the rhythm alive!

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