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Top 5 Techno Tracks of The Week #065 (March 11 – 17, 2024)

Dive into Techno Airlines' top 5 techno tracks of the week! Explore the latest from Anna Tur, CamelPhat, Argy, Kaiserdisco & Phoenix Movement. Get your techno fix now.

Top 5 Techno Tracks of The Week #065 (March 11 – 17, 2024)
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  • PublishedMarch 19, 2024
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The excitement of techno music never ends, and we have gathered the hottest top techno tracks of the week, continuing with the second part of March 24′ (March 11 – 17, 2024), just for you. The best way to impress listeners is to take them on a celestial musical journey that will let them out of this world.

For this purpose, the top 5 techno tracks of this week have been uploaded to this week’s special channel by Techno Airlines’ editors; stay tuned every week to listen for top techno tracks.

Anna Tur – Bon Voyage

Anna Tur - Bon Voyage

Anna Tur – Bon Voyage | Anna Tur’s latest creation, “Bon Voyage“, emerges as a transcendent anthem within the techno realm, securing its position among the top-tier tracks of the week with unparalleled grace. This masterpiece is a testament to Anna’s profound connection with music, a bond that has been nurtured from her early years and has flourished throughout her illustrious career.

Bon Voyage” is not merely a track; it is an odyssey, encapsulating the essence of Anna’s musical journey, characterized by her infusion of vibrant house rhythms and poignant strains of melodic techno. Her innate ability to blend these sounds with elegant finesse transforms every performance into an immersive experience, propelling listeners into a state of euphoria.

This track celebrates Anna’s enduring love affair with music. It embodies the spirit of Ibiza and showcases her indomitable presence on the global stage.


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CamelPhat – In Your Eyes (Fideles Remix)

CamelPhat - In Your Eyes (Fideles Remix)

CamelPhat — In Your Eyes (Fideles Remix) | Fideles’s recent remix of CamelPhat’s “In Your Eyes” has quickly soared into the top five tracks of the week, a testament to the Italian duo’s mastery of crafting an epic and melodic sound.

This remix, a convergence of CamelPhat’s groundbreaking techno rhythms and Fideles’ signature blend of hypnotic percussion and euphoric layers, showcases the remarkable synergy between these powerhouse acts.

Their collaboration breathes new life into the track, making it a standout piece that resonates with the vibrant energy of the global dance music scene. This further solidifies their statuses as innovators in the electronic music realm.

Argy – Wilderness

Argy - Wilderness

Argy — Wilderness | Argy’s latest techno track, “Wilderness“, has swiftly climbed into the top five tracks of the week, proving once again his unparalleled knack for creating compelling dance music.

Following the massive success of “Ketuvim” and “Tataki“, “Wilderness” showcases Argy’s ability to keep the global dance community captivated, blending his signature sound with fresh, innovative elements that resonate with audiences worldwide. This track solidifies Argy’s status not just as a seasoned artist but as a visionary shaping the future of techno.


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Kaiserdisco – In the Music

Kaiserdisco - In the Music

Kaiserdisco – In the Music | The recent track “In The Music” by the esteemed duo Kaiserdisco has rapidly ascended to prominence, securing its position within the top echelon of this week’s musical offerings.

Frederic Berger and Patrick Buck, the architects of this sonic marvel, continue to exhibit their dominion over the electronic music landscape, crafting a nuanced and enthralling symphony of sounds. This composition not only reaffirms their illustrious status in the realm of techno but also highlights their adeptness at mesmerizing and engaging the global audience with their rhythmic alchemy.

Phoenix Movement – Rhodope

Phoenix Movement - Rhodope

Phoenix Movement – Rhodope | “Rhodope“, the recent masterpiece from Phoenix Movement, has quickly garnered widespread recognition, securing its place as a standout track of the week. Plamen Dimitrov, the virtuoso behind the moniker, has transcended local acclaim to make a significant mark on the international stage, evident in the meticulous craftsmanship of “Rhodope“.

This track encapsulates the essence of Dimitrov’s musical journey, from his acclaimed performances alongside techno titans to his award-winning prowess, showcasing his exceptional skill in creating immersive auditory experiences that captivate listeners worldwide.

Conclusion: Let’s Wrap it up!

This week, Techno Airlines has curated an exceptional selection of tracks that encapsulate the vibrant essence of the techno scene. From the hypnotic rhythms of Argy‘s “Wilderness” and the innovative track of Anna Tur‘s “Bon Voyage“, to the pulsating beats of Kaiserdisco‘s “In The Music“, Phoenix Movement‘s compelling “Rhodope“, and the atmospheric allure of CamelPhat‘s “In Your Eyes“, remixed masterfully by Fideles, each piece stands out for its unique contribution to the sonic landscape. These tracks, brought to life by the creative genius of their respective artists, have not only dominated the charts but have also enriched the global techno community with their groundbreaking sounds and unforgettable rhythms.

Stay tuned, and keep the rhythm alive!

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