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Top 5 Techno Tracks of The Week #059 (January 29 – February 4, 2024)

Explore the top techno tracks of the week from Jan 29-Feb 4, 2024, featuring hits by Charlotte de Witte, HI-LO, Mha Iri, and more on Techno Airlines.

Top 5 Techno Tracks of The Week #059 (January 29 – February 4, 2024)
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  • PublishedFebruary 5, 2024
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The excitement of techno music never ends, and we have gathered the hottest top techno tracks of the week for the last week of January 24′ (January 29 – February 4, 2024), just for you. The best way to impress listeners is to take them on a celestial musical journey that will let them out of this world.

For this purpose, the top 5 techno tracks of this week have been uploaded to this week’s special channel by Techno Airlines’ editors; stay tuned every week to listen for top techno tracks. This week is a bit special for hard and peak time driving techno.

Push – Universal Nation (Charlotte de Witte Rework)

Charlotte de Witte - Universal Nation | Push (Rework)

Push – Universal Nation (Charlotte de Witte Rework) | Charlotte de Witte, hailed as a techno phenomenon and a global trailblazer, showcases her prowess once again with the reworked version of Universal Nation’s “Push“, earning its place among the top 5 techno tracks of this week.

As a poster child of the ever-expanding techno movement, her relentless exploration of electronic music’s outer fringes and her deep connection to the rich Belgian rave heritage amplify the impact of this selection. The KNTXT and Époque label owner’s career surges at breakneck speed, hinting that we may just be witnessing the promising dawn of her musical journey.

HI-LO & Space 92 – GENESIS

HI-LO, Space 92 - GENESIS

HI-LO & Space 92 – GENESIS | The techno collaboration between HI-LO and Space 92, “GENESIS“, released last week, has swiftly claimed its spot among the top 5 techno tracks of the week.

This electrifying piece seamlessly melds HI-LO’s signature sound with Space 92’s techno prowess, creating a sonic journey that captivates listeners and solidifies its position as a standout in the techno music scene.


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Mha Iri – Lazuli (Extended Mix)

Mha Iri - Lazuli

Mha Iri – Lazuli (Extended Mix) | Mha Iri’s latest techno track, “Lazuli“, released last week, has rightfully secured its place among the top 5 techno tracks of the week.

True to Mha Iri’s distinctive production style, “Lazuli” weaves together melodic intricacies, driving basslines, and powerful kick drums, all harmonized with dark synths and ethereal vocals.

The result is a unique sonic experience that is both captivating and irresistibly dance-worthy, showcasing Mha Iri’s ability to craft techno compositions that stand out in their genre.

Joyhauser – Hardcore Rabbit

Joyhauser - Hardcore Rabbit

Joyhauser – Hardcore Rabbit | Joyhauser’s recent techno masterpiece, “Hardcore Rabbit“, has rightfully earned its place among the top 5 techno tracks of the week.

The Belgian powerhouse duo, known for their incendiary performances and melodic yet potent sound, continues to captivate techno enthusiasts worldwide.

With a solid foundation built on years of experience both on the decks and the dance floor, Joyhauser’s latest release on Filth on Acid, a 3-track EP, proves once again their ability to deliver a peak-time spectacle filled with captivating melodies and thumping beats.

This EP stands as a testament to their relentless drive, determination, and experience, solidifying Joyhauser as an exceptional force in the contemporary techno scene.

Basswell – Party Everyday

Basswell - Party Everyday

Basswell – Party Everyday | Basswell, the renowned French producer and techno DJ recognized for his assertive and fast-paced mixing, takes center stage with his latest techno track, “Party Everyday“, earning its well-deserved spot among the top 5 techno tracks of the week.

Reflecting his signature style of muscular and rhythmic productions, the 90s rave sound infused in this release creates a nostalgic journey reminiscent of techno’s golden years.

With support from notable artists and a strong presence on labels like Exhale, Color, and ERADYS Records, Basswell continues to assert his dominance in the realms of dark techno, industrial techno, and beyond.

Conclusion: Let’s Wrap it up!

This week’s top 5 techno tracks, in conclusion, showcase the diverse and dynamic landscape of techno music. From the melodic and driving sounds of Mha Iri‘s “Lazuli” to the electrifying beats of HI-LO and Space 92‘s collaboration, “GENESIS“, and the captivating melodies of Joyhauser‘s “Hardcore Rabbit“, each track brings a unique flavor to the techno scene.

Charlotte de Witte‘s rework of Universal Nation’s “Push” and the relentless energy of Basswell‘s performances further contribute to the richness of this week’s selection. As techno continues to evolve, these tracks serve as a testament to the genre’s ability to captivate and energize listeners across the globe.

Stay tuned, and keep the rhythm alive!

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