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Top 5 Techno Tracks of The Week #058 (January 22-28, 2024)

Dive into the world of techno with our top 5 tracks of the week! Experience the electrifying rhythms and dynamic beats from renowned DJs, and stay tuned for weekly updates.

Top 5 Techno Tracks of The Week #058 (January 22-28, 2024)
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  • PublishedJanuary 29, 2024
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The excitement of techno music never ends, and we have gathered the hottest top techno tracks of the week for the second week of January 24′ (January 22-28, 2024), just for you. The best way to impress listeners is to take them on a celestial musical journey that will let them out of this world.

For this purpose, the top 5 techno tracks of this week have been uploaded to this week’s special channel by Techno Airlines’ editors; stay tuned every week to listen for top techno tracks. This week is a bit special for hard and peak time driving techno.

Carlita & Calussa – Fell In Luv (Black Circle Remix)

Carlita, Black Circle, Calussa - Fell In Luv Black Circle Remix (Higher Ground)

Carlita & Calussa – Fell In Luv (Black Circle Remix) | Black Circle, a prolific producer, has made waves in electronic music since 2010, earning top 10 chart success and joining Sabb’s RADIANT label in 2019. His tracks “Autumn” and “Foolish” gained substantial support, followed by the #1 Beatport hit “Journey” in collaboration with Nic Fanciulli.

Carlita, a Turkish DJ, fuses classical musicality with electronic production, crafting dynamic soundscapes influenced by diverse genres. Miami-based duo Calussa, comprising Andrew and Gino Gomez, stands out with their Afro Tech sound, charting on labels like Defected Records. Their collaboration with Carlita, “Fell in Luv“, garnered widespread acclaim, featured on Billboard and Spotify’s MINT editorial.

The recent release of Vente with Nic Fanciulli on Defected Records further cements Calussa’s rising status in the electronic music scene, promising continued innovation and success.

Agents of Time Feat. Ross Quinn – Friend of Mine (Extended Mix)

Agents Of Time, Ross Quinn - Friend Of Mine (Extended Mix)

Agents of Time Feat. Ross Quinn – Friend of Mine (Extended Mix) | “Friend of Mine“, crafted by the dynamic duo Agents of Time in collaboration with Ross Quinn, stands out as one of the week’s top 5 techno tracks.

The project, led by Andrea Di Ceglie and Luigi Tutolo, has earned global acclaim for its emotive, melodic techno productions. Since their debut on Correspondent in 2014 with “Polina“, Agents of Time has seamlessly blended influences and talents, establishing themselves as an in-demand dance act. Known for their hardware-heavy, improvisational live sets, the duo creates a magical dance between human minds and analog equipment.

Inspired by the expertise of Mathew Jonson, whom they now count as a collaborator, Agents of Time’s live set spans house, techno, and acid, resulting in moments of pure magic. Their diverse sound palette is further expressed in DJ sets, encompassing house, techno, and more obscure selections.

With a history of successful releases and collaborations, including the notable “Repeating Patterns, Numbers, and Letters” with Jonson, Agents of Time’s contribution to the techno scene is both experimental and dancefloor-oriented. Their track “Friend of Mine“, a collaboration with Ross Quinn, exemplifies their gifted and versatile approach, making it a standout in the techno landscape.

ARTBAT & Another Life – In Your Arms

ARTBAT & Another Life - In Your Arms

ARTBAT & Another Life – In Your Arms | “In Your Arms“, the masterpiece by the formidable duo ARTBAT in collaboration with Another Life, takes center stage as one of the week’s top 5 techno tracks.

Hailing from Kyiv, ARTBAT, comprised of Artur and Batish, has solidified their status as electronic music powerhouses. Renowned for chart-topping hits like the “Age of Love” (Rave Remix), “Horizon“, and “Best of Me feat. Sailor & I“, as well as collaborations with industry giants like Monolink, Köslch, and Camelphat, ARTBAT’s influence extends far and wide.

As sought-after DJs, they’ve mesmerized crowds at iconic festivals and clubs globally, including Tomorrowland, Creamfields, and Hi Ibiza. Their UPPERGROUND label, launched in 2021, has swiftly risen to prominence, championing visionary artists in the electronic, melodic house, and techno genres.

Beyond the music realm, ARTBAT’s tracks have transcended into fashion campaigns with brands like Emporio Armani and Grand Seiko, as well as gaining popularity on platforms such as TikTok and Roblox. With millions of adoring fans worldwide, ARTBAT’s meteoric rise from underground to global stardom leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of electronic music enthusiasts.

Kölsch – I Talk To Water ft. Perry Farrell (CamelPhat Remix)

in your arms

Kölsch – I Talk To Water ft. Perry Farrell (CamelPhat Remix) | Kölsch’s track “I Talk To Water“, featuring the haunting vocals of Perry Farrell and a remix by CamelPhat, rightfully claims its place among the week’s top 5 techno tracks.

Released as part of Kölsch’s deeply personal album, “I Talk To Water“, this masterpiece pays homage to the producer’s father, seamlessly weaving intimate recordings from his father’s musical archives into Kölsch’s poetic and emotionally charged productions. The album reflects Kölsch’s evolution as a techno luminary, navigating the delicate complexities of mourning and family with profound artistry.

A testament to Kölsch’s unique musical voice, the track, enhanced by Perry Farrell’s vocals and CamelPhat’s remix, captivates listeners with its rich textures, melodic beauty, and a deep connection to techno’s fundamental architectures.

Kölsch’s unwavering commitment to authenticity and creativity shines through in this exceptional piece, solidifying its well-deserved place in the techno music spotlight.

Innellea, Colyn, Braev – Downfall (Extended Mix) // [Afterlife Records]

Innellea, Colyn, Braev - Downfall (Extended Mix) // [Afterlife Records]

Innellea, Colyn, Braev – Downfall (Extended Mix) // [Afterlife Records] | The collaborative extended mix “Downfall“, crafted by the trio of Innellea, Colyn, and Braev, stands out as one of the week’s top 5 techno tracks.

Innellea, known for his groundbreaking approach to musical reinvention and abstract sound, seamlessly combines melodic trends with techno roots, leaving an indelible mark on the electronic music scene. Colyn, with his evocative transmissions of emotions and nostalgic sounds, takes listeners on a journey through space and time, dissolving reality into sonic bliss. Meanwhile, Braev, a former opera singer turned maverick songwriter and producer, adds immense depth to RnB, hip-hop, and alternative pop genres.

Their collective effort in “Downfall” creates a mesmerizing blend of driving spheres, impulsive vibes, and melodic touches, showcasing the diverse and innovative sounds that define their individual and collaborative contributions to the techno landscape.

As this track unfolds, it invites listeners to broaden their musical mindset and immerse themselves in the captivating realms crafted by these three visionary artists.

Conclusion: Let’s Wrap it up!

This week’s top 5 techno tracks showcase a diverse array of creative visions and unique sounds shaping the music landscape. From Black Circle‘s childlike curiosity and top-tier skills to Carlita’s skillful blending of Turkish Psychedelia and Rock ‘n’ Roll influences, Calussa’s rise with their distinctive Afro Tech sound, Agents of Time‘s emotionally charged, melodic techno productions, and ARTBAT‘s solidified position as global electronic music powerhouses, the electronic music scene proves to be rich in variety and innovation.

Similarly, Kölsch‘s poignant “I Talk To Water” and the collaborative effort of Innellea, Colyn, and Braev in the extended mix “Downfall” stand out as the most compelling techno compositions of the week. Each artist offers a unique experience in their style, highlighting the vast and dynamic nature of the electronic music scene.

Stay tuned, and keep the rhythm alive!

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