Techno Airlines: Top 5 Tracks of the Week #043

The excitement of techno music never ends, and we have gathered the 5 hottest tracks of this week, just special for you.

The best way to impress listeners is to take them on a celestial musical journey that will let them out of this world. For this purpose, top 5 tracks uploaded to this week’s special channel by Techno Airlines editors, please stay tuned for more.


Jamie Jones (My Paradise | Vintage Culture Extended Remix) He’s something of a machine when it comes to making tunes. He says he made over 200 during lockdown, many of which are to be released over the next two years. In fact, his management says they have to keep him out of the studio because he has made too much.

Øostil, Juan Hansen (Drown | Massano Remix) Massano’s rapid rise as an artist continues to accelerate, with his driving yet mesmeric modern melodic techno sound. After this swift industry stamp of approval, Massano has imposed himself as the media’s definition of ‘one to watch’, releasing on labels such as Afterlife.

Ian Asher ft. RuthAnne(Feel the Same) Ian brings various cultural influences to his music which helped him grow. He is known for his vibrant music and amazing versatiliy on the set.

Nalin & Kane(Beachball | Tall Paul Remix) Tall Paul, is one of the stalwarts of the UK music scene, rocking dancefloors across the globe for nearly 30 years. He started DJing as a teenager, spinning vinyl for private parties at his family’s venue, the legendary club, Turnmills.

Dallaniel(420) Finding a way to express has always been a high priority for Dallaniel. He started to hear even more precise and wanted to create his own sound so he could fill what he was missing