Techno Airlines: Top 5 Tracks of the Week #042

The excitement of techno music never ends, and we have gathered the 5 hottest tracks of this week, just special for you.

The best way to impress listeners is to take them on a celestial musical journey that will let them out of this world. For this purpose, top 5 tracks uploaded to this week’s special channel by Techno Airlines editors, please stay tuned for more.


Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding(Miracle | SAMMY PORTER Remix) As label boss and main resident for the hugely popular UK house brand LoveJuice, Porter has played some of the biggest dance events of the year. Sammy Porter has cemented himself as a key tastemaker from the UK House scene with regular gigs for Ministry of Sound, Audiowhore and House Of Silk to name a few.

Fernando Lagreca (Rectify) Fernando Lagreca is one of those persons who kept an integrity and personality for an entire life… his music too. Lagreca is musician, producer, electronic synthesist and beat enthusiastic. Also manager and booking agent, consultant in publishing and labels, and specialist and teacher in the field of music business.

Salkantay (Loose Strings) Salkantay is a couple of Brazilian DJs and producers. They also organize music events in their region. They produce their own music with originality and high quality sounds as result of a lot of study, research and artistic creativity, always having techno as a base. 

Proper Filthy Naughty (Fascination | Anteac Contradiction Mix) Project that is made up of the evolution of different stages of artistic exploration; since then the creation of a collective of audiovisual artists, various facets in his career as performer and video producer experiment with different conceptual stages in the search for an integration of interpersonal ideas, oscillating between the variation of sound and visual conceptions.

Hannah Wants ft. Clementine Douglas (Cure My Desire | THEMBA Remix) Demonstrating a softer, more emotive side to Hannah’s catalogue, now worldwide star of South Africa’s electronic scene Themba steps up to remix the record. Layering ascending synths with Clementine’s evocative vocal and Afro house rhythms, the irresistible warm glow of Themba’s otherworldly soundscapes makes this an unmissable remix of one of 2022’s essential records.