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Top 10 YouTube Channel Where You Can Learn About Music Production

You can utilize the social isolation process with a new hobby or maybe a step towards a new professional career. Undoubtfully, one of the most excellent chances of the internet

Top 10 YouTube Channel Where You Can Learn About Music Production
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  • PublishedAugust 21, 2020

You can utilize the social isolation process with a new hobby or maybe a step towards a new professional career.

Undoubtfully, one of the most excellent chances of the internet age is that information sharing and access to shared pieces of information become more natural and more diverse day by day. While we are spending more time on the internet in the process of social distancing, we listed the popular YouTube Channels to our readers who seek for the answer to the question of how and which methods dance kinds of music are produced that we are passionate. Who think to start over learning about it and couldn’t have time before, who want to make their first step to the new career upon a new hobby or alongside with music in this process.

Music production is a vast area that includes various components such as sound designing, arrangement, composition, music theory, recording, mixing and mastering. Are you ready to get on a journey in this rich and fun world that is full of different parameters with taking the first step into the music production?


Production Music Live is a significant channel with its videos that cover the production of individual styles, particularly with techno. It is possible to access many educational videos such as working with MIDI notes, software tips, specific training sessions to certain audio production tools and the production errors that you need to avoid. You can watch the sample video below about creating drum patterns in the dark techno style, and you can reach all the videos on the channel from the link below the video.


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This channel, filled with educational videos and special live broadcasts which focus on different skills in various music styles, is waiting for you in this channel. You can watch the part of the video series shared by the channel for sound designing below.


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From the sound synthesis to a-to-z piece making, the tips of positioning equipment in your home studio to the clues of writing bass composition, many such topics are on the SeamlessR channel. You can examine the steps of creating drum composition details in the sample video.


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Zen World is another popular YouTube channel on our list, where production techniques identified with world-famous producers are shared in addition to the videos that focus on different skills according to styles. You can watch the sample video below, which deals with the programming of the shaker sound element you may need while producing in the house style.


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Busy Works Beats is one of the channels that anyone interested in music production should follow that allows you to improve your melodic composition creation skills in addition to technical tips. Before starting to examine all Busy Works Beats content from the link below, you can watch the details of being a more creative beatmaker with the help of Scaler software, which makes more accessible the work of the producers while creating chord paces.


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Pyramind is diversified with its interviews with producers from all over the world and its publications, where industry professionals express their opinions on specialized topics such as music licensing and marketing. Before going on a journey with the rich content of Pyramind, we recommend you to watch the sample video that underlines the importance of the richness that chord paces add to the track when creating a composition.


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If you are search of educational videos that explain the tips of creating your own sound textures, Multiplier is just for you. You can learn how to strengthen the effects you use in the sample video we shared for you in the channel, which offers tips on technical issues in the field of sound engineering in a wide range of music production as well as introducing sound processing techniques, effect modulation and detailed plugin.


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Numerous software tips, plugin reviews, sound design techniques and practical info on music theory are on this channel. In the sample video below by ADSR, one of the popular channels of the YouTube world, you can see the infinite stuff of what you can do with the help of echo effect on the sound elements you will handle.


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The Producer School is a channel that takes attention with its educational videos that direct sound scenes identified with famous artists with detailed descriptions, and also examine thematic structures of different types of electronic music. You can take place in the comprehensive content range of The Producer School via a sample video detailing Future Trance genre.


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It is possible for everyone who interested in music production to utilize resources on Sony Academy’s YouTube channel is one of the biggest educational portals in this field. And which is known for extensive video archive about different digital audio workstation (DAW) software’ processing. Before examining the Sony Academy’s YouTube channel that produces sound bank packages frequently used by producers alongside with being the developer of popular synthesizer plugin ANA, you must watch the impact of using the reverse reverb effect on the clap sound.


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You can enrich your home studio with an external sound card, studio monitor, MIDI keyboard and various analogue devices as you progress in music production. However, in the first step, you will need a digital audio workstation (DAW) software, virtual synthesizer plugins to help you produce digital audio, and pre-recorded high-quality audio samples that you can make use of when creating your own productions.

To make the most appropriate choices for you in these three critical steps, we recommend you to examine the actual survey by a leading news agency in music production, musicradar.com, in the purpose of revealing the most popular DAW software and virtual synthesizer programs, and recommend to visit Music Radar page, where it gathers thousands of free sound sample files.

The most popular DAW software

The most popular virtual synthesizer plugin

Free music samples by SampleRadar

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