Top 10 Techno Tracks of 2023

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Top 10 Techno Tracks of 2023
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  • PublishedJanuary 10, 2024
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In the relentless spirit of the techno music world, 2023 has emerged as a beacon of groundbreaking techno. As we step into a new chapter of electronic soundscapes, join us on a journey through the year’s hottest beats and pioneer compositions. These top 10 techno tracks of 2023 encapsulate the essence of a year that defied norms and pushed the boundaries of musical exploration. Get ready to immerse yourself in the futuristic sounds that shaped the techno landscape in 2023. Now, let’s begin with the best techno tracks of 2023!

The order of the tracks is completely random, doesn’t reflect the place on our list.

Argy & Omnya – “Aria”

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Argy & Omnya - Aria

In 2023, the track “Aria” by Argy and Omnya became a global phenomenon, notably making waves at Coachella during the Tale of Us‘ set and gaining popularity in Ibiza. The song’s infectious beats and captivating melodies led to a guessing game for its elusive lyrics. A seamless blend of artistic visions, “Aria” earned its place in the curated list of 2023’s best techno tracks, showcasing its cultural impact and widespread acclaim. From Coachella to Ibiza, the track’s journey exemplifies its universal appeal, transcending boundaries and uniting diverse audiences in a shared musical experience. “Aria” stands as a beacon of creativity and a sonic journey that resonated with hearts and dancefloors worldwide.

Anyma & Chris Avantgarde – “Simulation”

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Anyma & Chris Avantgarde - Simulation

Anyma and Chris Avantgarde‘s unreleased track, “Simulation“, stirred anticipation with its mesmerizing NFT visuals. The collaboration became a global favorite, praised for its innovative soundscapes merging Anyma‘s unique style with Avantgarde‘s avant-garde touch. The track found a home as a staple during Tale of Us’ weekly Hï Ibiza concerts, earning its place as an essential part of the 2023 electronic music scene. As we compile the best tracks of the year, “Simulation” stands out for its visionary collaboration, seamlessly blending music and visuals to create an unforgettable sonic experience.

Anyma & Rebūke – “Syren”

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Anyma & Rebūke - "Syren"

Anyma and Rebūke‘s collaborative track, “Syren“, captured widespread attention in 2023, notably due to Anyma‘s compelling audio-visual shows. Featured in Anyma‘s August-released album, “Genesys“, the track has become a summer sensation, earning its place as one of the year’s most popular.

Anyma‘s distinctive visual experiences heightened the intrigue surrounding “Syren“, making it a top contender for the best techno tracks of 2023. The collaborative synergy between Anyma and Rebūke shines through, creating an immersive sonic journey that resonates with a diverse audience.

As we curate the best of the year, “Syren” stands out not just for its musical excellence but for its ability to transcend traditional boundaries, offering an unforgettable blend of innovative sounds and visual storytelling.

Peggy Gou – “(It Goes Like) Nanana”

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Peggy Gou - (It Goes Like) Nanana

Peggy Gou‘s “(It Goes Like) Nanana” has emerged as a standout track of 2023, earning its place among the year’s top 10. Released as the lead single from her forthcoming debut album on XL Recordings, the song showcases Gou’s dedication to ’90s influences, combining lo-fi bass, shimmery synths, and a touch of Eurodance vibe.

The song’s breakthrough came when a viral TikTok clip captured festival-goers at the Lost Nomads Festival, where Gou performed. This ignited a chain of events, propelling “(It Goes Like) Nanana” to mainstream success. Despite its seemingly formulaic approach, the track’s shameless homage to ’90s dance pop proves irresistible, with its catchy lyrics and trance chords.

Debuting at number 14 on the UK Singles Chart, it marked Gou’s first UK chart entry and quickly climbed into the top 10. The critical reception praised its Café del Mar worship and the perfect balance between vintage rave chords and a touch of Eurodance.

The lead single from Peggy Gou‘s debut album, “(It Goes Like) Nanana“, stands as a testament to her ability to blend tried-and-true dance pop formulas into a summer-ready anthem. Its infectious energy, nostalgic nods to ’90s aesthetics, and undeniable popularity make it a sure contender for the title of the year’s defining track. In short, “(It Goes Like) Nanana” has not only broken records but has firmly established itself as a cornerstone of 2023’s musical landscape. The passion and chasing brought success for Peggy Gou this year.

Skrillex & Boys Noize – “Fine Day Anthem”

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Fine Day Anthem | Skrillex, Boys Noize, Opus III

Skrillex‘s return to the music scene has been nothing short of prolific, marked by groundbreaking releases. His collaboration with Boys Noize on “Fine Day Anthem” not only showcases their creative synergy but also earned Skrillex an invitation to perform at Berlin’s legendary Berghain.

The track, sampling Opus III‘s 1992 dance classic “It’s a Fine Day“, delivers a haunting yet mesmerizing experience, making it a staple in Skrillex‘s DJ sets for the past year. Noteworthy is its unique attribution outside of the Dog Blood Project.

In a year of numerous releases, Skrillex’s innovation and nostalgic blend in “Fine Day Anthem” firmly position it as a contender for the top 10 tracks of 2023, reaffirming his status as an electronic music trailblazer.

Kevin de Vries & Mau P – “Metro (Extended Mix)”

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Metro | Kevin de Vries, Mau P

Metro” by Mau P and Kevin de Vries has not only dominated Tomorrowland 2023 but also secured its place among the festival’s most-played tracks. The track’s unreleased status garnered attention after a meteor shower coincided with its drop during a Miami afterlife concert, later immortalized in the visuals.

Featuring infectious melodies and a driving bassline, “Metro” is a standout in Tale of Us‘ sets, showcasing the seamless collaboration between Mau P and Kevin de Vries. From its captivating beginning to the spine-tingling celestial-themed breakdown, the track creates unforgettable moments.

In summary, “Metro” is a musical masterpiece that has earned its spot among the top 10 techno tracks of 2023, leaving an indelible mark on the electronic music scene.

Amelie Lens – “Feel It”

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Amelie Lens - "Feel It"

Amelie Lens continues her techno reign with the release of “Feel It“, her first track of 2023 on EXHALE. Following the success of “Affection“, “Feel It” has claimed the top spot on charts for its infectious leads and captivating aura.

A dancefloor-centric techno masterpiece, the track features Amelie’s vocals, creating immersive breakdowns, a racy groove, and industrial percussion. Anticipation has been high since it became a staple in her sets from January.

Amelie Lens‘ EXHALE imprint is set for an 8-week residency at Ibiza‘s DC-10, featuring over 50 artists and a special slot for the EXHALE DJ Competition winner. “Feel It” cements itself as a top 10 techno anthem of 2023, showcasing Amelie’s enduring creativity and influence in the techno music scene.

Charlotte de Witte – “Overdrive (Original Mix)”

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Overdrive | Charlotte de Witte

Charlotte de Witte continues to showcase her unstoppable force in the techno realm with the release of “Overdrive“, a thematic EP that has solidified her place among the techno elite. Following her historic closing performance at Ultra‘s mainstage, de Witte’s Overdrive EP introduces two tracks, “High Street” and the titular “Overdrive“, each with its own unique edit.

High Street” is a testament to de Witte’s masterful production skills, blending pulsating beats, haunting melodies, and an evocative atmosphere. The accompanying edit enriches the track’s tapestry, offering an alternative interpretation that captivates listeners.

The centerpiece of the EP, “Overdrive“, unleashes a high-octane techno experience. Fueled by relentless rhythms, driving basslines, and intricately layered textures, the track propels listeners into an electrifying journey. The accompanying edit adds fresh dimensions, intensifying the track’s impact.

Charlotte de Witte’s Overdrive EP is more than a collection of tracks; it’s a sonic journey that embodies her boundary-breaking approach and refusal to be confined. The EP’s street style, both rough and stylish, delivers high-energy ecstatic tracks that liberate listeners, making “Overdrive” a true anthem for pushing beyond limits.

As Charlotte de Witte reintroduces her Overdrive tour at Sónar 2024 in Barcelona, following the success of her Reflection EP, it’s clear that her influence and innovation in the techno landscape have firmly established “Overdrive” as one of the top 10 techno tracks of 2023.

Awen & Caiiro – “Your Voice (Adam Port Remix)”

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Your Voice (Adam Port Remix) | Caiiro, AWEN, Adam Port

Caiiro and Awen‘s “Your Voice“, a standout track in Madorasindahouse’s catalog, has become a quintessential summer hit, especially at beach parties where its vocals by Awen resonate. However, the track took an unexpected turn when it caught the ear of the renowned Adam Port, resulting in a remix that was released on August 19, 2023, across all major platforms.

This remix is more than just another rendition; it’s a serendipitous moment in the making. Adam Port, a Keinemusik favorite, discovered “Your Voice” almost two years after its initial release and felt an immediate connection. The remix not only gave the track a new life but also brought exposure and growth to both Caiiro and Awen.

The remix’s impact is evident as it draws listeners in, creating a deeper connection with the audience. Awen reflects on the experience, stating;

It felt like stars were aligning in a way no one could have anticipated.

Your Voice (Adam Port Remix)” stands out not just as a remix but as a testament to the unpredictability and magic of the music industry. As this surprise hit continues to resonate with audiences worldwide, it firmly secures its place among the top 10 techno tracks of 2023.

Fred again.., Skrillex – “Baby again.. ft (Four Tet)”

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Baby again... | Fred again.., Skrillex, Four Tet

In a collision of musical forces, Fred again.., Skrillex, and Four Tet have unleashed the powerhouse anthem of 2023 with “Baby again..“. This track has taken the world by storm, reaching its pinnacle during the trio’s electrifying five-hour b2b live set at Madison Square Garden.

First heard during Fred again..‘s Boiler Room set last year, “Baby again…” is a captivating fusion of house beats with a sample from Lil Baby and Da Baby‘s “Baby“, intensified by euphoric notes. The track’s unprecedented rise to fame continued after its historic Madison Square Garden performance, solidifying its status as one of the most played and remixed tracks of the year.

The journey of “Baby again…” began in the remote countryside of Pangbourne during an impromptu studio session, leading to the creation of the first demo. Fred again.. then tested the track in various DJ sets, including the viral Boiler Room set, which propelled him into the limelight.

This collaborative masterpiece defies expectations, offering a hard-nosed house experience with the grit and grace to energize any dancefloor. As “Baby again..” continues to make waves, it undeniably secures its place among the top 10 techno tracks of 2023, showcasing the unstoppable synergy of Fred again.., Skrillex, and Four Tet.

Techno Airlines - Bonus Track

BENNETT – “Vois sur ton chemin (Techno Mix)”

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BENNETT - "Vois sur ton chemin" (Techno Mix)

BENNETT‘s remix masterpiece, “Vois sur ton chemin – Techno Mix“, made its debut on August 4, 2023, captivating audiences with its distinct techno vibes. The track, with a duration of precisely 2:58, has gained immense popularity with over 200 million plays, thanks to its widespread circulation on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

This techno mix, a special bonus edition, stands out in terms of its shorter duration compared to the average track length, clocking in at just under three minutes. Despite its brevity, the song’s impact has been significant, especially considering its prevalence on social media.

Hailing from Germany, “Vois sur ton chemin – Techno Mix” emanates a danceable vibe, although it carries a unique blend of negative sounds, adding an unexpected edge to the techno genre. As the track continues to resonate with listeners worldwide, it confidently earns its place among the top 10 techno tracks of 2023 as a Techno Airlines Bonus part, proving that sometimes, it’s the unexpected gems that shine the brightest.

Conclusion: Best Techno Tracks of 2023

In the world of techno, 2023 has been a year of fresh beats and creative vibes. These tracks have really stood out. Argy and Omnya’s “Aria” takes us on a cool journey with its cool melodies. Anyma and Chris Avantgarde‘s “Simulation” is a visual treat, making it a techno spectacle. Skrillex, Boys Noize, and Opus III‘s “Fine Day Anthem” mix electro grit with pop vibes. Charlotte de Witte‘s “Overdrive” is all about energetic techno, and Amelie Lens invites us to “Feel It” with her unique techno style. Fred again.., Skrillex, and Four Tet‘s “Baby again…” shook things up, and BENNETT‘s “Vois sur ton chemin – Techno Mix” brings a techno bonus. In Techno Airlines’ best of 2023 techno list, these tracks have set the tone for what’s to come in techno’s future.

What do you think? Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comment section below.

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