Techno Airlines: Top 5 Tracks of the Week #007

The excitement of techno music never ends, and we have gathered the 5 hottest tracks of this week, just special for you.

The best way to impress listeners is to take them on a celestial musical journey that will let them out of this world. For this purpose, top 5 tracks uploaded to this week’s special channel by Techno Airlines editors, please stay tuned for more.

The Alexsander & Oldmark(Eclipse) | This duo, which will take you on a mystical journey with minimal techno, heralded the future for more.

Carlo Whale(Stream of Consciousness) |  Stream of consciousness, which is the greatest value that modernism adds to the person, takes place in this piece, where bass and beats combine with relentless energy.

Rubén de Madame(Overdose) | The Spanish DJ has been making himself noticed lately with his taboo tracks, you should keep up with him.

Brosso & Molex(Aura) | A dynamic and intense track that will summon you up to a spiritual world, where Brosso, who has not been on the stage for a long time, and his partner Molex collaborate.

MR.Sunny(Give Yo) | The most popular DJ of the last decade in Ukraine completes the final moments of 2021 with this aesthetic Tech-House synthesis.