5 Outstanding Songs by Desthen, The Brazilian Melodic Techno Project

The duo performs at ADE next Sunday (October 22, 2023) in the showcase of the Real SuperNova label.

5 Outstanding Songs by Desthen, The Brazilian Melodic Techno Project
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  • PublishedOctober 19, 2023

By now, it’s no news to anyone that Brazil is a fertile land full of pearls to be discovered and exported to the world – no wonder several Brazilians have recently conquered the global electronic scene. That said, we present Desthen, a Brazilian project that has been developing a unique and innovative sound based on a mixture of progressive house and melodic techno, which will be present at this edition of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE).

Formed by Antonio and Caique, the duo came about after an unexpected encounter at Tomorrowland, where they met and realized their similar tastes and visions. Since then, the duo has shown that this match was the right one, as together they have built a unique identity, marked by productions and sets with sublime melodies, deep ambiances, efficient pads, and groovy drums, which captivate the stages of reputable clubs and events such as D-EDGE, Hertz, Mov.e, Samauma and more, as well as being present in the catalogs of labels such as Eye And Eye, Prototype Music, Real Supernova Records, Ciccada Records, Rezongar Music and MTC Underground.

And now Desthen promises to repeat this feat and make an impact on the audience at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), as the project is one of the guests at the showcase of Real SuperNova, the techno label from Ortus (BR), which takes place on October 22nd, 2023.

5 Outstanding Songs by Desthen, The Brazilian Melodic Techno Project

With the date approaching, we’ve brought you a selection of outstanding tracks to get to know the project and prepare for your arrival at the event; check them out:

1. Chaos – Desthen

One of the duo’s first studio releases was the EP “Chaos/Kamet“, signed by SMTC Underground. Right from the start of their musical journeys, the duo already had a cohesive and engaging sound, as “Chaos” shows, with a faster bass line, vibrant synths, and a deep ambiance, composing a melodic sound that resembles the likes of Mathame, Stephan Jolk, and Hans Zimmer.

2. Sirius – Desthen [Real SuperNova]

Sirius” is one of the tracks on the Siderium EP, which marks the duo’s debut on Real SuperNova. The track features almost cinematic atmospheres, with powerful synthesizers, enveloping melodies, and a sidereal sound universe.

3. Odysee – Desthen [Deep Tales]

Odysse is certainly one of the most striking productions by the Brazilian duo, as well as being the title track of the EP that marked their debut in the Deep Tales catalog. Based on the lines of melodic techno, the work also reached important positions on Beatport.

4. Throne – Desthen [Ciccada]

One of the most recent releases that defines the project’s sonic potential. Embraced by the Brazilian label Ciccada, “Throne” brings a captivating sound, which develops from a spacey atmosphere composed of deep and immersive ambiances, futuristic vocals, and bold beats.

5. Another Way of Sight – Desthen [Deep Tales]

The newest track in the duo’s catalog is “Another Way of Sight“, which marks their return to the catalog of Berlin label Deep Tales, making up the VA “Compilation Four“. For this release, the duo reinforces the innovative nature of their sound, going for melodic techno with a mysterious atmosphere, progressive bass lines, and complex harmonies.

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