Our Song is ‘Children’

The song by Robert Miles, which gave us goosebumps as soon as we heard it and brought it to our childhood, Children … It has been exactly 25 years.

It didn’t really become a hit back then, but the release in 1996 charted in many countries all around the world. It was called the dream house and these days we would call it trance.

Robert Miles was a Swiss-born Italian record producer, composer, musician, and DJ. He was born Roberto Concina in Switzerland in November 1969. He was known as Robert Milano.

In 1990 he used his savings to buy some equipment and establish his own recording studio. In the year 1994, Robert Miles wrote “Children” which was a trance piece, based on some acoustic guitar chords and soft synthesizer effects and a beautiful piano riff.

Actually, the melody of the Piece is based on the track “Napoi Menia Vodoi” from Russian singer  Garik Sukachov.


Robert Miles decided to call the track “Children” as a heartfelt response to the child war victims. The second reason is that he really wanted to do something about the number of deaths of car accidents in the Italian club scene. The clip gives us exactly those feelings.

The rave culture was very popular around that time and unfortunately, this resulted in a lot of deaths from clubbers who would drive home after dancing all night, tired and sometimes under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Many young clubbers died in car crashes every weekend after partying all night. So ‘Children’ was made by Robert Miles to end the club nights with.

He wanted to end his DJ sets with something relaxed and beautiful, so it would have a calming effect on the clubbers before they had to travel home, therefore resulting in fewer car accidents and fewer deaths.

Robert Miles disse no a Madonna e George Michael - Askanews

Children’ is one of the most iconic dance tracks in the history of dance music.

‘Children’ is sold over 5 million copies worldwide.

Robert Miles died on May 9 2017 in Ibiza- Spain at the age of 47 years after a 9 month battle with cancer.

The first lights of the sun are with you, there is a slight breeze, now you need to calm down and return to your place. I leave the best versions of ‘Children’ in here for you…

Robert Miles – Children (Orchestral)|Tomorrowland Symphony of Unity

Robert Miles tribute by Transmission Festival

Tinlicker X Robert Miles – Children