Discover Ornery’s Latest Techno Offering: “Sulfur” on Audere

Dive into "Sulfur" by Ornery, a techno journey that transforms the auditory experience, now streaming on all major platforms.

Discover Ornery’s Latest Techno Offering: “Sulfur” on Audere
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  • PublishedApril 7, 2024
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Renowned for his masterful creations that span the vibrant spectrum of electronic music, Ornery, the gifted techno producer, is back, making waves with his latest release, “Sulfur“. This track is not just another addition to the electronic music scene; it’s a transformative experience that invites listeners to venture into uncharted sonic realms. Released under his label Audere on March 29, 2024, “Sulfur” stands as a testament to Ornery‘s ingenious craftsmanship and his knack for creating immersive musical narratives.

  • Artist Name/s: Ornery
  • Release Name/s: Sulfur
  • Record Label: Audere
  • Release Date: 29/03/2024

Discover Ornery's Latest Techno Offering: "Sulfur" on Audere

Ornery‘s journey in the music industry began with a bang, his debut EP “Evolution” quickly capturing the attention of enthusiasts and critics alike. This initial success laid the groundwork for a career characterized by constant innovation and dedication. Having graced labels like Aesthetika, Flemcy Music, Grey Bar Hotel, Kitchen Recordings, Sync Forward, and Vesta Records with his dynamic productions, Ornery‘s evolution as an artist is both evident and inspiring. Known for crafting soundscapes that are as dark as they are powerful, his music draws listeners into a deep, emotional trance, showcasing his deep passion for the genre.

Sulfur” is a showcase of Ornery‘s ability to blend luminous risers with deep, thumping beats and robust bass lines. The track is a rhythmic powerhouse, adorned with synths that dance and weave through each beat, creating a sense of perpetual motion that’s both thrilling and invigorating. This production epitomizes the essence of techno, offering an experience that’s bound to resonate with enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

For those ready to embark on a journey filled with audacious creativity and boundary-pushing sounds, “Sulfur” by Ornery is your next stop. This track isn’t just music; it’s an invitation to experience the unexplored, promising an auditory adventure that’s as intriguing as it is invigorating.

Don’t miss out on this electrifying addition to the techno scene. “Sulfur” is now available for streaming and download across various platforms. Follow Ornery on SoundCloud and his website to stay updated on his musical escapades and upcoming gigs.

Listen and purchase “Sulfur” now via Spotify and Beatport, and connect with Ornery online to dive deeper into the world of cutting-edge techno sounds.

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