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Techno Mix of The Week: Nova (April 21, 2024)

Join Techno Airlines for AIRCAST 115 with Nova's unique techno mix this Sunday. Experience her hypnotic rhythms and explore her musical journey.

Techno Mix of The Week: Nova (April 21, 2024)
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  • PublishedApril 21, 2024
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The weekly blend is upon us! Techno Airlines proudly unveils this Sunday’s highlight: Our AIRCAST guest for the week is Nova!


Every week (on Sundays), AIRCAST extends its invitation to a variety of DJs from different parts of the world to steer Techno Airlines.

Techno Mix of The Week: Nova (April 21, 2024)

All About Nova

Nova is a DJ based in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. She began her musical journey at a young age by playing the guitar. However, her true passion lay in electronic music. When she entered this world at a tender age, she fell in love with the dance of rhythms and melodies.

By skillfully blending rhythms like groove and hypnotic techno, Nova captivated audiences and made a name for herself in Turkey’s nightclubs. Through her performances, she not only made people dance but also took them on a journey into the enchanting world of music.

Additionally, as one of the founders of the @hitzi_g community, shaping the local music scene, she works to celebrate the universal language of music and the diversity of the local scene. Nova, who will never stop seeking new sounds and pushing the boundaries of music, will continue to invite audiences into the magical realm of rhythm in the future.

AIRCAST 115 | Nova

You can find the AIRCAST below, which she prepared for us;


  • West Code – That Civic Has A Laptop
  • ENNIO – Don’t Stop – Gimme More
  • Dylam Fogarty – Favela
  • Chris Flannigan – Get Started
  • Edvvin – It’s Gotta Be Funky
  • PETERBLUE, REFORMIST – Latin Ectasy Club – Remix
  • Govnah – 2 THICK
  • GFX, GES – Percussive Loop – GES Remix
  • Funk Assault – Screenshot of Compliment
  • West Code, Chris Flannigan – Grooveland Futbol Club
  • kies – Requiem
  • Dylan Fogarty – Purification
  • Edvvin – Parapapaya
  • Ferdinger – Floater

How to Participate?

Experience the musical journey with top DJs. If you want, you may have the opportunity to share your mixes on our page if you contact us. Visit our SoundCloud page here or contact tuna@technoairlines.com via e-mail to express your interest.

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