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Techno Mix of The Week: Frankyeffe (January 28, 2024)

Dive into Frankyeffe's techno world with AIRCAST 103. Experience his unique DJ sets and hit tracks that define modern techno. Join us every Sunday!

Techno Mix of The Week: Frankyeffe (January 28, 2024)
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  • PublishedJanuary 28, 2024
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As you know, we have AIRCAST (SoundCloud Guest Mix) content every week on Sundays.


In our AIRCAST content, we have DJ sets prepared by each of the DJs. Which is the wonderful adventure they offer us.


We’ll get deeply into their sets in this Mix of the Week series.

Mix of The Week: Frankyeffe

All About Frankyeffe

Frankyeffe always gives us the answer to the question of how techno should be with his perfect sets and hit tracks.

Traversing the winding passages of his own cavernous capabilities as a prolific Italian DJ, Producer, and label owner, Frankyeffe, real name Francesco Fava, is well on his way to reaching the peak of his towering potential. Since his career’s inception in 2001, he’s wandered some of the darkest corners of melodic techno, injecting innovation and amplitude and gradually cementing himself as a true master within his own class.

Initially rising to prominence behind the decks of Rome’s renowned Rashomon Club for three consecutive seasons, the venue’s intimate interior provided a vast canvas for Frankyeffe to draw upon.

Soon sparking the interests of a wider audience, he’s since gained international recognition playing at various Mutate events in Naples, the Audio Club in Geneva, Germany’s Audiogate festival in 2017, and a monster slot on the Pryda stage at 2018’s installment of Tomorrowland in Belgium. Stretching his reach further to high-profile gigs in the UK, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Columbia, and MAYDAY Poland last November.

In the last year, Frankyeffe produced four very successful singles played in all the festivals and clubs around the world: SAVE ME, TOUCH ME, LOVE ME, and FIGHT ME. Frankyeffe says;

Many singles are ready that will be released on important labels such as ARMADA, REVEALED and on my Riot label.

AIRCAST 103 | Frankyeffe

You can find the AIRCAST below, which he prepared for us;


  1. Frankyeffe – Fight Me,
  2. Push – Universal Nation (Charlotte De Witte Remix),
  3. T78, Igor S – Axid,
  4. Belladonna, Frankyeffe – No Brai,
  5. Matt Guy – Sleep When I’m Dead,
  6. Frankyeffe vs Dj Vortex & Arpa’s Dream – Incoming 2024,
  7. Reinier Zonneveld,T8, MOTVS – Who is Batman,
  8. T78, Housewerk, Ducamp – Ravee Nation,
  9. Cherrymoon Trax – House of House (Thomas Schumacher Remix),
  10. ROBPM – Curiosity,
  11. N.O.B.A – Siren’s Calling,
  12. Frankyeffe – Save Me (Rivid Remix),
  13. Joyhauser – Hardcore Rabbit,
  14. Jody 6 – Pantheon,
  15. Sam Willetts – Dance With Me,
  16. T78, MOTVS- Crescendo,
  17. Frankyeffe – Touch Me.

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