Jessica Brankka’s New Track: “The Blue Point” on Monaberry

Brazilian DJ & producer Jessica Brankka debuts on Monaberry and shares details about her new track, "The Blue Point".

Jessica Brankka’s New Track: “The Blue Point” on Monaberry
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  • PublishedMay 4, 2024
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Dive into Jessica Brankka‘s delicious new track, which perfectly captures the sonic essence of Monaberry; already available on major digital platforms.

Ever since Jessica Brankka made her debut as a music producer in 2021, she hasn’t stopped impressing with each new release. After making waves at Frau Blau, collaborating with Floyd Lavine, adding brilliance to the RADIANT catalog, and releasing a superb EP on Crosstown Rebels, she now debuts on another heavyweight label: Monaberry, led by the renowned duo Super Flu. Through the Herberts Best XVI compilation, she delivered the single “The Blue Point“, showcasing her creativity and sonic prowess.

  • Artist Name/s: Jessica Brankka
  • Release Name/s: The Blue Point
  • Record Label: Monaberry
  • Release Date: 26/04/2024

Jessica Brankka is like a meteor streaking across the sky, radiating light in a gloomy environment and catching the attention of all those with keen eyes. She has set stages on fire at festivals like Ultra Music Festival (UMF), Hi Ibiza, Cavo Paradiso, Tomorrowland Brasil, Lollapalooza, and Green Valley, and has connected with global brands like Tiffany and Mercedes-Benz through her work as a model.

Beyond stages and catwalks, she has proven to be a highly creative artist with a distinct sensitivity for music production, crafting tracks that defy current standards yet surprise with their sonic power and ability to get everyone dancing, as evident in her new single, “The Blue Point” via Monaberry. A sophisticated groove combined with electrifying synths and a magnetic vocal does all the work, immediately connecting us with every note in the music.

In contact with the artist, she explained: “‘The Blue Point’ was created to bring a more sophisticated club vibe to the audience, also to provide an introspective moment to reflect and remember to value the people and all the things we have close to us that we sometimes don’t notice. That’s why the track’s lyrics include the phrase ‘Give me your attention.’ The name also arose from the idea of representing who we are (a blue dot), how we fit into our unique universes, and at the same time share our lives in this vast Universe” she detailed.

So, if her goal was to grab our attention, she succeeded. So much so that “The Blue Point” leads the VA, being the first before 7 other tracks that are also part of the compilation. Now Jessica Brankka is part of the prestigious list of artists who have released on Monaberry and won the ears and hearts of their head label, SuperFlu. The message that remains is: are you paying attention to the things that really matter? If not, start with this song:

Check out the full VA on Beatport.

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