Geluk’s New single “Heaven” via Enormous Chills

Listen to Geluk's new single, “Heaven”, via Enormous Chills. Find out more about his career, creative process and details of his latest release.

Geluk’s New single “Heaven” via Enormous Chills
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  • PublishedMay 2, 2024
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Alexandre Wanderley, better known as Geluk, is a DJ and producer born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His first contact with music came during piano lessons, where he interestingly also discovered his passion for music production.

However, it wasn’t until 2020 that he began his professional career. With support from recognized names such as Vintage Culture, Fancy Inc, Natalie Gioia, Flakke, KVSH, Ownboss, and the icon EDX, as well as releases on labels such as Groove Records, Aesthete, and Sirup Music, Geluk has been standing out as a representative of the new generation of artists determined to follow their hearts in musical expression.

The pandemic was the biggest challenge, it was a feeling that the world would never ‘go back to normal’. But I think that today the biggest challenge for any human being is to always keep their head in the present, to work each day at once and to know that the best moment of our lives is now. Whatever your profession, it’s essential to live each day at a time.

Evolution of Artistic Style

Despite his melodic and progressive personality, it hasn’t always been this way. If you look back over his releases, you can see that the way he produces his tracks has matured since 2023.

What we once might have called the commercial house, with hints of acid and pop vocals, is now built around compositions with deep, emotive atmospheres that always seem to transmit a message to listeners.

I think in the beginning, I used more ready-made formulas and a more commercial sound. Today I experimented more and I think I’m producing a more underground sound. My focus is on producing emotion, not labels. I think that’s what stands me apart.

Geluk's New single “Heaven” via Enormous Chills

Influences and Future Projects

When we look at the current moment in music, versatility is one of the keys to a solid and diversified career, and Geluk uses this masterfully in his sets. His musical influences range from the likes of U2, Phil Collins, and the Beatles to iconic figures in Brazilian music, such as Cartola.

In addition, he draws inspiration from modern artists such as Jungle, Arctic Monkeys, and RY X and a variety of emerging talents such as Moonphazes, EXPLICIT!, Ramah, Dropack, Hauz, Avidd, Sonny Fodera, and Gorgon City.

My music it’s a melodic tune with a heavenly vibe, kind of romantic, and with very catchy vocals. On the artistic side, I’m usually inspired by movie soundtracks. I think it’s cool how they manage to convey a sense of emotion to the viewer. I try to do the same in music production, with melodic and immersive themes. On the personal side, I draw a lot of inspiration from my parents.

Looking to the future, Geluk is immersed in global projects for 2024. He is currently collaborating on songs with artists from different corners of the world, including Jesus Luz from Brazil, CODE from Portugal, Stranger Souma from Morocco, and Vallent.

Connecting With The Audience

Geluk maintains close and constant contact with his follower base through his YouTube channel, where he shares a variety of content ranging from detailed mixing tutorials to insights into the creative process behind his tracks. He explores advanced techniques, including the use of Dolby Atmos technology to provide a more immersive listening experience.

In addition, the Brazilian offers practical tips for other producers, discussing industry trends and providing a valuable platform for learning and knowledge exchange in the electronic music community.

I hope to always learn and maybe pass on some knowledge too, and that my art always makes someone’s day better.

New Release via Enormous Chills

His most recent release, “Heaven“, hit platforms last Friday (26), through Enormous Chills, reflecting the beautiful sound identity of the Brazilian producer, where he crafted a celestial atmosphere, pouring all his sensitivity and creativity into the melodic lines of the music. A promising year should unfold ahead for the artist, who also has some priorities for his career:

My priority in 2024 is organizing the next edition of the party I’m a member of (New Age) and releasing more music. Additionally, I aim to perform at a major festival.

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