Five equipment that will upgrade your live set

You will need these equipments in time of live sets


It would be dangerous to use half-measured equipments in a large audio system. This compressor/distortion unit confronts as one of the equipment that is preferred by techno performers such as Surgeon and Karenn by compressing all the elements that you use safely and creating solid grits with four types of distortion features. The unit has noise gate with lo-cut and hi-cut filters.

462 Euro,


Elektron’s Swiss pocket-knife is not perfect… It has a quite steep learning curve. Switching between MIDI sequencing and sample playback may cause rhythm disturbances, but many musicians need a controller to map parameters. Yet, it is a popular device with its mixer function and assignable cross-fader.

1.238 Euro,


Arturia Drumbrute Impact is an appropriate drum machine that will greatly help you in making your set live. Despite its many options, its size and ease of use are the foremost features of the device. Impact creates a powerful drum sound through easily recording the sound samples and songs, and gives distortion to the master output. The roles in the sequencer and beat repeating feature enrich the track.

299 Euro,


Live play may cause chaos, and you may miss the pleasant rhythms unless you get a loop. Boss RC-505 Loop Station enables you to record your most successfull refrains in five different channels, also the effects it has add variety to your set.

425 Euro,


Being famous with its monstrous basses, the Roland SH-101 model is an equipment that producers trustfully prefer for three generations for its ease of use. If you cannot find the original one, you can instead choose the Behringer’s modernized model MS-1. If you need smaller equipment, you can also try Roland’s boutique model SH-01A.

301 Euro,