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Fei-Fei’s Upcoming EP: I am Drugs

This badass acid style will blow up your dj, sound and nerve system altogether. Check it out and listen to the recent EP of Fei-Fei, “I am Drugs“, released on

Fei-Fei’s Upcoming EP: I am Drugs
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  • PublishedJanuary 29, 2023

This badass acid style will blow up your dj, sound and nerve system altogether. Check it out and listen to the recent EP of Fei-Fei, “I am Drugs“, released on her own label PUSSY POP.

The suffocating tunes release your inner toxic, which bring backs the undergroung feminist punk styles to the forth again. The starboarding and reuniting name of the genre is a dancefloor staggering artist, “I am Drugs” charges elements of punk, hypno and thus underground, showcasing both LA’s and DJMAG‘s billboards.

Techno Airlines proudly announces once and for all Fei-Fei‘s new single with the indication that, her goal of providing “tremble the walls” is absolute trailblazing. On the shelves via PUSSY POP, “I am Drugs” is a brutal priase to modern underground music. Thus  the track pairs off her feminist side with the punk ferocity.

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Bringing back the forgotten or overshadowed side of one of the dance music’s most unique figures, and claiming together another striking genre of punk, into techno, is both a bold and noble act. However, this lunatic fringe is unlike any of her LA counterparts and stands out today for her unique personality. She presents a nice overview of the discarded old legend that, for nearly two decades, has dissolved herself and her fans in acid, revealing the risky as well as the deep fiery spirit.

Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles-based producer and founder of PUSSY POP, Fei-Fei is a feminist-punk renegade. With a die-hard passion for both the underground and femme representation in dance music, her latest track “I AM DRUGS” — out January 27th on PUSSY POP — is an unholy three-way of alternative punk, hyper-pop, and acid techno.

Its cheeky lyrics, feral energy, and throbbing acid line, make “I AM DRUGS” an intoxicating techno anthem. The opening line “Get in loser, we’re going to party,” straps you in for a hallucinatory rollercoaster ride reminiscent of 1999’s classic rave movie Go.

“It revels in the precarious moment you’re about to make a very very bad decision— the ‘oh shit’ moment right before you go tumbling down the rabbit hole… and it’s about to get real. But don’t worry, it’s like a fun fever. And there’s only one thing to do…”

With previous releases on Toolroom, Vandit and Armada Records, official remixes for industry heavyweights such as BANKS, Basement Jaxx, ODESZA and Tiësto, to her debut album Pretty Girls Don’t Hallucinate reaching #13 on iTunes, Fei-Fei embodies the spirit of independence and has never created art within the constraints of a specific genre or ideology. Fueled by the powerful realizations of her own strength as an Asian woman in dance music, Fei-Fei says:

Fei Fei I am Drugs 4

“My artistic practice as Fei-Fei is about taking the weird and different things I love and combining them in strange ways, making new sounds that addict me.”


Fei-Fei’s revival of her iconic alias has been nothing short of incredible. She is a beacon of strength for femme, non-binary, queer, and BIPOC producers—founder of PUSSY POP, her own label and event series, and member of Hyperweeknd, a femme alt-pop writer & producer collective. Rightfully garnering support from DJ Mag, Billboard, LA Weekly, NYLON, and Bloomberg, she manifests marching to the beat of one’s own drum with her genre-bending productions, and has even received death threats for defying fan expectations in her DJ sets – most notably Armin Van Buuren‘s A State of Trance 550 Los Angeles. Now, Fei-Fei embarks on an exciting voyage with plenty of new music and new endeavors for herself and her PUSSY POP imprint on the horizon.

Fei Fei I am DrugsYou can follow accounts of Fei-Fei on various platforms. To check it out her social media, look at below.









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