Disembarrassing 10 Fantastic Live Performances to Relieve

As the TechnoAirlines squad, we have compiled 10 different live performances from the most influential artists of the music scenes which has made a huge impact lately, and they will make you forget your troubles and relax your soul in these difficult pandemic days.

Let’s see, examine and enjoy these impressive performances gathered from different genres, venues and organizations.


(Omnia Bali, Cercle, 2020)

We take you to Bali’s beautiful sunsets where Lee Burridge set. Here, we discover this unique techno performance in the hills of Indonesia, in harmony with nature, peacefully.


(Mojave Desert, Live from Joshua Tree, 2020)

Well, have you ever hail yourself to the sunrise of the desert before? This amazing performance for Joshua Tree also takes you on a journey through Mojave.


(Black Rock Desert, Burning Man, 2019)

Let’s not forget that Jan Blomqvist, who is known for his unique setups and the amazing shows he performs with his band, made his mark on the latest and still remembered Burning Man festival.


(Anjunadeep Open Air: Prague, 2019 )

We never forget the Prague performance in Goa, which is entirely his own production, by Marsh, who treats us with his deep house music. Especially Indian fans still admire Marsh, whom we define as the healer of music.


(Salar de Uyuni, Cercle, 2019)

You should definitely watch FKJ’s enchanting performance in the salt flats of Bolivia, one of the wonders of nature that will definitely blow your mind.


(Crotia, The Yacht Week, 2019)

How about those glamorous shows on boats? We are going to Yacht Week in Croatia with Gorgon City and partnering with this amazing tour that travels all over the Adriatic.


(San Diego, CRSSD, 2019)

We are here with a name that has established a throne in the hearts of electronic music lovers. The CRSSD performance of Kaskade, which conveys the Redux experience to you perfectly, is on the list of memorable ones.


(Japan, Cercle, 2020)

This is exactly why we love this organization! We are here with another wonder of nature, a performance that brings the ice-cold breeze to the Iwateke hills of Japan, far from humanity. A great trance mix from ZHU accompanies the lovers of cool weather.


(Tahiti, Cercle, 2017)

We are in the midst of the ocean breezes in Tahiti, one of the most isolated corners of the world. Here we are greeted by an extraordinary artist who stands out with his sets. We leave you alone with Møme’s impressive list and performance.


(Washington, ABGT250, 2017)

Coming all the way from Finland, we introduce you Yotto! Taking over the ABGT250’s sunset scene, the artist presents a fascinating one-hour performance to thousands of techno and house lovers there.