Deep Fiktion Releases “Dumb” on Adesso Music

Discover Adesso Music's latest sensation, Deep Fiktion, as they blend classic and modern elements in their new tech house track "Dumb".

Deep Fiktion Releases “Dumb” on Adesso Music
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  • PublishedApril 30, 2024
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With an eye on emerging talents from local scenes around the world, Adesso Music welcomes Deep Fiktion. The duo is making a bold incursion into electronic music, seeking a sound that dialogues with the new generations without leaving behind the experience and classic elements that each of them carries individually. Ready to write a new chapter, exploring new sound horizons, the Londoners bring to “Dumb” a more modern and contemporary experience for listeners.

Eldeanyo and Greg Willowe have already made their mark on the UK electronic scene with a series of performances on the country’s main stages, including Ministry of Sound and Egg. As individual artists, they have achieved recognition in their careers, releasing tracks on renowned labels such as Adesso, Subtractive, Chuggy Trax, Vivifier, The Vibe Arrival, and Design.

Both individually and as a duo, they have performed on some of the biggest stages in the local dance scene, including sets at Ministry of Sound, Egg, Source Bar, Concorde 2, The Arch, Oxted Festival, Bournemouth 7’s, Café Mambo Festival and many others.

After the release of the duo’s first EP, “Don’t You Want Me“, where the musical emphasis was more along the lines of house music, the two now introduce the world to a new facet. “Dumb” is a solid, seductive tech house with a sequence of funky beats. Melodic arps vibrate above the percussion while a textured vocal line joins ancient chants, pushing clubbers to tune into the full energy that the single sets out to infect. Listen now and get your copy!

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