Cody Chase Returns to The Charts With Eclectic New Track: “Ellipsis”

Dive into Cody Chase's latest techno sensation, "Ellipsis" - a track set to shake the electronic music scene. Available now on all platforms.

Cody Chase Returns to The Charts With Eclectic New Track: “Ellipsis”
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  • PublishedApril 7, 2024
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Cody Chase strikes again with his latest creation, a techno masterpiece titled “Ellipsis“. Released on March 22, 2024, under his own Chasin’ Records, this track is poised to mesmerize listeners worldwide with its dark allure and mysterious charm. As a DJ and producer with a deep-rooted passion for electronic music, Cody’s latest venture further cements his position as an innovative force in the industry.

  • Artist Name/s: Cody Chase
  • Release Name/s: Ellipsis
  • Record Label: Chasin’ Records
  • Release Date: 22/03/2024
Cody Chase Returns to The Charts With Eclectic New Track: "Ellipsis"
Cody Chase’s New Track: “Ellipsis”

Throughout his career, Cody Chase has consistently raised the bar with his electrifying tracks and memorable performances. His dedication to electronic music shines brightly, fueling his drive to break new ground and deliver something unique to his audience. By establishing Chasin’ Records, Cody has not only showcased his own talents but also shone a spotlight on some of the most gifted artists in the electronic music scene.

Ellipsis” draws listeners into its powerful embrace from the very first beat, weaving together intense rhythms and gritty melodies into a captivating musical journey. Cody’s distinctive approach to production takes center stage, revealing his knack for blending intricate details with bold sounds to craft tracks that stand out in the crowded electronic music landscape.

For fans of Cody Chase and aficionados of electronic music alike, “Ellipsis” is an essential addition to any playlist. It promises to infuse the genre with fresh vitality. Follow Cody Chase on Instagram, SoundCloud, and his website for updates on his forthcoming releases and performances. “Ellipsis” is now available for streaming and download on various platforms.

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