Cody Chase Gears Up to Support Detlef in Denver This April 12th (2024)

Don't miss Cody Chase lighting up Denver with his unique techno vibe on April 12, 2024. Join in for a night of unforgettable beats.

Cody Chase Gears Up to Support Detlef in Denver This April 12th (2024)
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  • PublishedApril 5, 2024
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Cody Chase is again hitting the stage, this time in Denver, to back Detlef in what’s shaping up to be a spectacular evening of music on April 12, 2024.

  • Lineup: Detlef, Cody Chase, Willbeaux
  • Location: CoClubs, Denver
  • Date: 12/4/2024

Cody Chase Gears Up to Support Detlef in Denver This April 12th (2024)

Known for his unique sound that packs a punch and energizes the crowd, Cody Chase‘s set promises to be a standout addition to an already buzz-worthy lineup. With fresh tracks like Ellipsis from his label Chasin Records, Cody Chase keeps the thrill alive, ready to wow the audience with his cutting-edge style and dynamic presence.

The event, hosted by Denver’s The Hotline, boasts an impressive roster featuring Cody Chase, the emerging talent Willbeaux, and the headliner Detlef. This mix of artists guarantees various tunes, ensuring the dance floor stays alive with excitement and movement. With his mesmerizing techno blends, Cody Chase, in particular, is sure to up the ante, demonstrating why he’s a revered figure in the DJ scene.

Cody Chase‘s reputation as a live performer is unmatched. His international tours have showcased his ability to turn any night into an electrifying experience filled with robust beats, catchy melodies, and deep bass. Each performance is a unique journey, with Cody Chase reading the room and mixing on-the-fly to create an unparalleled musical adventure. Having shared stages with big names like Danny Avila and Eli Brown, Cody Chase‘s knack for live DJing is undeniable.

As Cody Chase prepares to dazzle Denver this April (2024), anticipation is building for a performance that promises to be both high-quality and memorable. It’s an event not just to be attended but to be experienced. So, make sure you’re there by grabbing your tickets now and keep tabs on this incredible talent by following him on social media.

This April (2024), brace yourself for a night when Cody Chase, alongside a stellar lineup, will set Denver alight with rhythms and beats that promise to be the talk of the town. It’s more than just a concert; it’s a celebration of music, energy, and the unforgettable vibes that only live performances can deliver. Don’t miss out — the beat drops on April 12, 2024!

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