ID ID Debuts on Diynamic With His EP “Real Time”

Explore ID ID's "Real Time" EP, the new Indie Dance sensation on Solomun's Diynamic Records, featuring tracks that resonate with vibrant techno beats.

ID ID Debuts on Diynamic With His EP “Real Time”
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  • PublishedApril 27, 2024
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One of the exponents of Indie Dance (Alternative Dance) in Brazil, ID ID (Estevão Melchior) has just released one of the most significant pieces of his career.

In his recent release (and debut), the “Real Time” EP on Diynamic Records, Solomun‘s label, ID ID brings to light a powerful sound with different dynamizations where the main characteristic has been the artist’s experimentation.

At the peak of his 22-year career as a music producer, the Brazilian producer has achieved one of the biggest goals of his career as an artist, crowning his plurality of sounds with an above-average release.

With support on his tracks from artists such as Tale of Us, Adriatique, and Solomun himself, this is just another consolidation of work that has been well done for a long time.

  • Artist Name/s: ID ID
  • Release Name/s: Real Time
  • Record Label: Diynamic Records
  • Release Date: 12/04/2024

Estevão Melchior, or just Zim, is a multifaceted artist whose main characteristic is his powerful sound, guided by Indie Dance and melodic techno.

These sound characteristics have been imprinted on three tracks rich in detail, which move between Indie Dance and some precise experimentation from other spheres.

Real Time“, the track that carries the EP’s name, was tested several times by Solomun on stages all over the world before its release, and it was from there that the EP was built on a constant journey to new possibilities created by the artist on this release.

In addition to “Real Time“, you can listen to “Mean Techno” and “Crazy Times” and add all the tracks to your favorite playlists. Listen and follow the artist on the link below:

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