Beautiful talent from Moscow Chris Monera

The young and beautiful talent from Moscow; Chris Monera  makes great techno sets and tracks.Let’s get to know Chris

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I was born in Moscow and now live here too. I have been listening to electronic music since the age of 11, mixed with post-hardcore, transcore and punk.The first time I stood at the remote control at 16.  I studied at a music school, but she did not give me anything in my life, and i taught musical notation at home.At the age of 18, I went to hang out in Europe for the Sonus festival, after which I realized that this is all part of my life and I can’t get away from it anywhere I realized that music is no longer a part of my life, but entirely and completely. Now, I play at Moscow parties and become a resident of one of them.

Chris, what’s good and bad in your world?

 Everything is under pressure at the moment.  Coronavirus is walking around the world, parties are canceled or postponed.  Most of the techno DJs are fleeing Russia in search of support.  Industrial techno has not developed in Moscow and will not develop.  This whole situation leaves me no choice, so I knock daily on the doors of England, France and Germany, which, musically, are like a light at the end of a tunnel.


  What goals do you have for the year ahead? What would you like to achieve?

In the middle of February, I am going to Paris for a long period of time.  I’m looking for inspiration.  I want to write an album.  This album will most likely be dark and gloomy, it will be filled with emotions, experiences and literally BLOOD.  All this will be intertwined with the country and people in which I will begin to write it.
One of the main goals for the year will be this album.  The second goal is to enter the world arena.
I talk very little about goals, because they can change.  How do we know what will happen to us tomorrow?  🙂
Plus, I don’t like to talk about my plans for more than a month.  I am a person who lives by what is today.

 What inspired you in the “Daphne Oram” track ? What was in your mind?

 In 2018, I came across a video where Daphne Oram, using a sine oscillator, homemade filters, tape recorders and other devices, creates an original composition.  I was so impressed that my first track was dedicated to her.  A few years later, I remember about this video and record a track.  In the recording, the voiceover tells exactly about her.  All this is mixed with the sound of acid techno, leaving in trance.

 What gear do you use currently, does that matter to you?

In all my tracks there is someone’s voice.  Even the most direct and hard kick drum cannot do without some kind of vocal.  This is what distinguishes all my mixes and Dj-sets.

 The hard sound of techno and pop vocals are mixed.  A bunch of similar recorded and played mashups.




 What makes you unhappy and how do you get over it?

A very difficult question… December 2021 has been quite challenging for me.  New Year’s fuss, everyone has problems. Some close people make me miserable, while music has never let me down. It would be nice to know that they support me  People make me miserable, while music has never let me down.
Each of my mixes was recorded with a state of rage.  The angrier and more tense I am, the better I play in public.  There were even times when I deliberately argued with my (now former) manager before the performance, in order to experience the adrenaline on stage.
But all the anger ends at the end of the mix, when you see that people are dancing in joy.  Well, you also become joyful, and even happy…