About Lexi

Who are we?

What about getting to know Techno Airlines that is known by everyone who is interested in Techno music and missioned the professional service to its audience?

Founded in 2018, Techno Airlines is an online music publisher and community platform that is dedicated to exhibiting the world-wide Techno music genre. TechnoAirlines creates a service ecosystem and contents for more than three million music fans per month with combining high-quality videos, music and contents with online tools.

What does Lexi do?

It is kinda comprehensive dictionary website that contains the comments of registered writers about the topics and concepts of Techno music genre that is unique all around the world. Lexi’s name comes from ‘Lexicon’ in terms of dictionary meaning. Techno Airlines plays an essential role in supporting the world of Techno music with an audience that includes those who want to follow actual topics from the Techno world, DJs, clubbers, event followers, music fans, and all the developments in this world.