Why is Solomun Against Livestreaming?

We haven’t heard from him for a long time. He was thinking about how to spend this period like us. He said that he learned a lot when he understood loneliness and isolation. He saw many of his friends broadcasting live and many DJ’s we love and he says the following.

”To put it bluntly, no digital medium can replace what is most important for the human soul: visiting your own mother and giving her a hug.”

”I decided against a live stream from isolation because I don’t believe that digital can replace analog.
I am of course a friend of the digital possibilities if they complement or amplify the real, analog world. But if they are supposed to replace the analog world, I realize that I can’t go along with that. Perhaps I am too old-fashioned or too much of a romantic.”He also touched on racism in this article. You can find his article here.

This Saturday at the Nordstern in Basel he will be able to play in front of 300 people and stream a part of this event live to his previously unused Youtube.