Top Nightclubs in Berlin

One of the best series prepared by the editors of Techno Airlines, the best techno clubs. Today we are guested in Berlin.

In this special series, nightclubs in regions and city of Berlin will be examined in terms of atmosphere, residents, facilities, transportation and even price performance.

We asked 100 people to decide which is the best club in Berlin. Among those, we will pick the top 10 of clubs into examination and see why they are picked. Here are the results of survey.


Berghain is the people’s favorite and there is a reason behind it. Built on an abandoned industrial factory, it is one of the first clubs that come to mind, not only in Germany but also all over the world when techno music is mentioned. Those who manage to get into this club, where it is the hardest to get through and the regulations are challenging for the participants, find themselves in techno paradise. Witness the perfect sound system, line-up, and of course the best tracks with cheerful atmosphere in this unique sanctuary that you can experience once in a lifetime. You can also witness frightening moments in this temple, where you are able to spend your entire weekend. Themes and events can be changed every week. Keep in mind that you will not be allowed in, as club officials, who have not succumbed to popularity despite the crowds, do not abandon their regulations. And if you do manage to get in, never forget that; no taking pictures.


This one is crazy as you expect from the name of it. Fans second pick is like a place of lunatic fringe. Today, the real name of the club is ‘Wilde Renate‘, formerly ‘Salon zur Wilde Renate‘, as the name suggests, it is the kind of place that will blow your mind. If you like festival-style venues, do not miss it. In addition to the large area outside, you are facing with many dance floors consisting of blocks inside. In addition, one of the most interesting points is the sections consisting of small swimming pools. In this place where diversity is abundant, you witness deep, techno, minimal and many other genres. With its attractive theme, Wilde Renate offers a unique offer with open-air parties and unlimited fun. Also, the drinking inside is a little different, bring the empty and exchange it for the full. You should experience this with thematic parties and odd fashion styles. Never look weird to anyone, be different too.

:// about blank

It is highly recommended to visit ://about blank. This venue is known throughout the Berlin underground scene for its strong, leftist political identity and self-conception that is always publicly communicated. Once an illegal club, ://about blank’s programming mostly revolves around house and techno, but it cuts loose once in a while with the occasional disco night.  The techno club offers several floors with a versatile mix of house and techno music. In the summer you can visit some great open air parties here. The music policy at this club is constantly evolving, but house and techno are the genres that usually dominate. DJs play out in the garden during summertime (open year-round). The overall atmosphere can be gritty, with some parties going until morning or even the afternoon!


Founded first in the vault of an old department store at Leipziger Straße 126 near Potsdamer Platz by techno visionary and cultural activist Dimitri Hegemann, it also became the central connecting point of the techno alliance between Berlin and Detroit, that continues to live on to this day. Visiting the Tresor is a special experience. The combination of an underground-bunker, an overload of blacklight and plenty of proper techno sounds will definitely leave an impression. The door-policy is not as strict as many other Berliner techno clubs. Tresor is one of Berlin’s most famous clubs and is not just a place for audio connoisseurs. It’s also home to some of Germany’s most cutting edge electronic music enthusiasts and producers!


Watergate looks out over the River Spree as it cuts through Berlin’s centre, giving you a nocturnal view of Europe’s nightlife capital as you dance until the early hours. Another very important reason for the popular nightlife are the very solid line-ups of the techno clubs in Berlin. Famous DJs like Sven Väth, Dixon, Pan-Pot, Len Faki, Anja Schneider and Ben Klock are playing in Berlin on a regular basis. Known for having some pretty cosmic level LED lighting panels on the ceiling that span across lengthwise through the inside of the venue — what more could you ask? The door policy is relatively relaxed, though the dress code is perhaps a touch fancier than is usual. Also, be sure to know who’s playing when you get to the front of the line because the bouncer might well grill you about the night’s lineup.


Sisyphos is particularly famous for having parties that sometimes last 6 days, non-stop, and for their spacious, circus-like open-air area. Being there feels more like being at a festival than being in a club, and for us, it’s by far the best club in Berlin for partying in the summertime. They even sell delicious pizza and toothbrushes at their kiosk, so that you can keep on partying with a good taste in your mouth. Sisyphos is known for its famous after-parties with many surprising acts and very versatile music styles. Techno is usually played in at least one of the floors. Expect a healthy mix of famous DJs and local talent in this Berliner techno club. The Sisyphos is one of these clubs which is especially great to visit during the summer. The large garden gives you the opportunity to see the sun rise after a lovely night of partying.


Kater Blau is the successor of the infamous Bar 25 and Kater Holzig. The club demonstrated for the first time in the history of Berlin that a (sub-)cultural institution, therefore the people, could outbid a big corporation. If you have a weekend to dance away, you’ll want to head to Kater Blau – a Spree-side spot that has an arty, upbeat vibe, making it a pleasant change from the gritty, industrial energy of most techno clubs in Berlin. Just like all the other Berliner techno clubs in this list, the Kater Blau has a nice outdoor-area where you can party during the day. The line-up of the club is very attractive if you like popular DJs: On a regular basis you can see DJs like Dave Dinger, Dirty Doering and Schleppgeist perform here. The atmosphere in this club in Berlin is very nice and can be compared to the vibe on German festivals.


From the 15th floor of the House of Travel you have a wonderful view over Berlin at night. The House of Weekend is located in the immediate vicinity of Alexanderplatz and is bursting at the seams, especially in the summer months. The HOW is miles away from the dimly lit clubs in Friedrichshain in more ways than one. There are delicious cocktails and great music here, the seating is clean, and the large terrace is a wonderful place to chill. Those who occasionally like it more noble are in good hands here. A great place to celebrate in the city centre. If you are the type to celebrate in a chic ambience with one of the most beautiful views of Berlin, especially if you dance against the sunrise, then you know you are at the right place.


 KitKatClub is one of Berlin’s most well-known clubs. It embodies the inclusive, permissive spirit that defines so much of Berlin; sex, fetish clothing and an open mind are highly encouraged. Although bouncers are quite strict here, expect a friendly vibe once you’re past the cloakroom, where you’ll undoubtedly be among those shedding some layers before hitting the dance floor. Once in, with techno beats pumping and whimsical lights, it feels like you’re dancing with friends. Once you step into KitKat, you can be whatever and whomever you want and feel free to look into your sexual desires and fetishes with no need to hide your love of the bizarre. Explore the place and you’ll find many dance floors, a lounge area, a massage room and also a swimming pool. Feel the music and let your mind be your true self.



It is hard to seperate one from the other. So in this part we are going to examine the two close friend-like clubs together.

Hoppetosse is closely linked to its next-door neighbour Club der Visionäre. The permanently docked vessel on the Spree river is near the Arena Club. The venue is simple with its single dancefloor. The sound system (by Mo Stern) will delight audiophiles with its crystal clear tones. The parties typically take place over the weekends, and you should expect a more minimal sounding techno spun by local talent and a smattering of industry-leading names.

One of the first and best, this summer-only canal-side club is nestled under an enormous weeping willow. There’s a small indoor dance floor and a rickety open-air wood-deck terrace with a large jetty stretching out across the water. You can drop in during the week for a beer, but the place comes to life at the weekend, filling up with an after-hours crowd, happy to chill, drink and dance the day away.