Top 5 Techno Clubs: Spain

One of the best series prepared by the editors of Techno Airlines, the greatest techno temples. In this special series, nightclubs in regions or countries will be examined in terms of atmosphere, residents, facilities, transportation and even price performance.

Being the capital of techno scenes, Spain is expected that there would be a musical melting pot of local and foreign artists. In fact, the Spanish cities happen to host lots of techno talent all year round. The enchanting Mediterranean cities, famous for their world-class gastronomy, modern culture and unique architecture, is also home to some of Europe’s best venues in terms of electronic music. It is a city of night owls, renowned for having one of the best nightlife scenes in the world. While Barcelona might hit the international headlines with its clubs, Madrid has a strong and diverse clubbing scene of its own. We take a look at some of the best electronic clubs in the Spanish capital, catalan side and the Balerian isles.

When visiting Spain, one can choose to explore the nightlife there. It is an opportunity for one to see Spain differently and get some time off from other ordinary activities of the city such as work, traveling, and family. Here are the best nightclubs in the city.


Fabrik is a Madrid classic. Although it’s not located in the city center, the club hosts  big names in techno consistently throughout the year. Situated in the northeast corner of the map, Fabrik is a huge techno wonderland. Among Spain’s largest and most celebrated clubbing experiences. Fabrik is comprised of six rooms with differing vibes — but all boasting top-notch soundsystem. The club has become a staple in the European clubbing scene. Set in two massive warehouse spaces, the club has six huge screens, laser shows, smoke machines and a cool outdoor terrace where you can chill out between dancing the night away.


Hï Ibiza – Officially The World’s number 1 Club, DJ Mag 2022. Since opening its doors for the very first time in 2017, the multi-award-winning Hï Ibiza has played host to the biggest names on the electronic music scene. Welcoming thousands of party revellers from all around the world each week throughout the season, Hï Ibiza is one of the most sought-after tickets on the island. With world-class residents, state-of-the-art design and sound, plus a commitment to putting the clubber at the centre of the experience, the groundbreaking club has proved itself a force to be reckoned with.

The Theatre is inspired by an Italian amphitheater. With the dance floor surrounded by a raised theatre-style terrace hosting the VIP area, carefully considered to ensure there is a connection to both audiences. Every residency has a bespoke set-up so the Theatre never looks the same two nights in a row.

The Club Room boasts a more intimate feel with an underground vibe. A low ceiling jam-packed with incredible lighting installations that send hundreds of colourful beams into the darkened room, and the DJ booth at eye-level, allows clubbers to feel a deeper connection with the artist.

The most infamous bathroom in the world, anything goes in The Wild Corner. Expect the very best house and disco, plus big name guests dropping in for unannounced sets.

Bringing back the all-important al fresco ambience to the Ibizan clubbing scene, the Magic Garden is the first of two outdoor terraces, a stunning outdoor space for revellers to enjoy a drink and cool down after letting loose on the dance floor.


Situated at one of Barcelona’s most emblematic venues and with an industrial look, INPUT emerges as the perfect club to rediscover club culture in Barcelona and as the perfect chance to enjoy a cultural, fun, and vanguardist experience. INPUT is a place, where art, music, and performances mix together. The club offers a wide variety of visual and sound setups, space-boosting psychoacoustic stimulation, and various stages. Overall, quality, music, and sound are the key pillars of INPUT.

It’s the techno temple in Barcelona. Literally, the first place that appears in your head when you think of techno in Barcelona. INPUT focuses solely and exclusively on music and sound as its basic pillars. Powered by a perfectly distributed stack of Funktion-One speakers, it is the gateway to an unparalleled sound experience in Barcelona.


Founded in 2000, the history of music in Barcelona is synonymous with the name Razzmatazz, a top national and international venue for culture and entertainment. located in a unique building linked to the industrial landscape of the city, and with a facade that is itself iconic. Major and lesser known artists and bands have all played at Razzmatazz, since its club sessions can accommodate groups of any kind, small outfits included, but all with a common denominator: their quality.

A national and international venue for culture and entertainment. Razzmatazz is located in a unique building linked to the industrial landscape of the city. Major and lesser-known artists and bands have all played at Razzmatazz since the club focuses on quality sound of any genre. Some of the best electronic artists that have performed at Razzmatazz have been Jeff Mills, Paul Kalkbrenner, Kraftwerk, and many others.

As we said, Razzmatazz is quite famous in Barcelona. It usually gets crowded on weekends and in summer, despite most of the people stay in the main room dancing to trap, reggaeton and big commercial hits. If you want to go upstairs to dance to techno music at The Loft, we recommend buying your ticket, ask for the room at the entrance… and discover this big paradise in the heart of Poblenou.


There’s a lot of things to wrap your head around at Teatro Kapital. It’s probably the club with the most requirements in all of Madrid. Whether you want to sing along to corny karaoke songs or dance to some deep house sounds, Madrid’s most well-known club is a sensory feast and an absolute crowd-pleaser. It won’t satisfy those seeking a genuine house or electro night due to its diversity, but as a more all-encompassing club, it’s still worth a go. Fans of electronic music should visit the building’s vast bottom level, which has seven floors and is where DJs frequently spin house and dance music.

Madrid’s most famous club is a feast for the senses and an utter crowd-pleaser, whether you want to groove to some deep house beats or belt out some cheesy karaoke tunes. Being so diverse, it won’t satisfy those looking for a serious house or electro night, but as a more general club it’s worth a visit. Of its seven floors, electronic music fans should check out the grand ground floor, where DJs are usually spinning house and dance music.

Teatro Kapital is a nightclub known for many things. One of them is having 7 floors of space offering an atmosphere like no other in the city. Then the club is just close to the Atocha train making accessibility very easy. Teatro Kapital offers the best place for various parties and people in Madrid love it for that. The atmosphere is grand due to its huge size. The VIPs get huge balconies and their own floors. Music in this nightclub varies from Reggaeton to Hip-Hop and EDM. However, in some cases, one may find karaoke played on the second floor.