Top 5 Techno Clubs: Germany

Here is the newest series prepared by the editors of Techno Airlines. In this special series, nightclubs in regions or countries will be examined in terms of atmosphere, residents, facilities, transportation and even price performance.

It was the ’80s when Germany took its first steps in the field of techno and electronic music. As in every field, the Germans made a lot of progress with their superior discipline and dedication, and in a short time, especially in the 90s, the cradle of famous and iconic places were established.

Parties, dance floors, club culture, and on many other subjects, the German stages began to be remembered with an incomparable quality and abundance. Its capital, Berlin, is the most important city of techno scenes. It even gave rise to specifically named genres such as ‘Berlin techno‘ and ‘Berlin underground‘. However, not everything is encircled there, the importance given to techno music is scattered all over the country. Let’s see the most interesting 5 of these temples together.


Built on an abandoned industrial factory, it is one of the first clubs that come to mind, not only in Germany but also all over the world when techno music is mentioned. Those who manage to get into this club, where it is the hardest to get through and the regulations are challenging for the participants, find themselves in techno paradise. Witness the perfect sound system, line-up, and of course the best tracks with cheerful atmosphere in this unique sanctuary that you can experience once in a lifetime. You can also witness frightening moments in this temple, where you are able to spend your entire weekend. Themes and events can be changed every week. Keep in mind that you will not be allowed in, as club officials, who have not succumbed to popularity despite the crowds, do not abandon their regulations. And if you do manage to get in, never forget that; no taking pictures.


A club that truly holds the title of being the pioneer of techno music in Germany. The temple, which has become a tradition since the ’90s, changed its position in 2007, but never lost its influence. Tresor brought the best of all electronic music, presented the best tracks and entertained the best audiences yesterday, today and always. Within the framework of this benevolence policy, it is also a tolerant club. Getting inside is definitely not as much of a nightmare as Berghain. When you take a step into, you encounter a labyrinth-like and cubic environment inside this power plant. There is endless music inside this pleasant structure and an incredible acoustic system that brings it to you pleasantly. You will encounter a friendly atmosphere in this sanctuary of techno legend and realize how unique it is from a standard club night out.


Put aside the image that comes to your mind when talking about a nightclub. This is a techno wonderland beyond its counterparts that you cannot even think about. This temple, which is not in the downtown, but remains in the countryside, stands out with its natural surroundings. For this reason, the time to go should generally been as the summer period, and events and bookings are arranged for these periods. While you encounter the pond, beach, stands and abandoned structures outside, which is the main place, you can find labyrinths that are creating dance floors and sauna sections inside. Enjoy unforgettable parties, new places to discover and free spirit in this place, which is enchanted with small touches every year. Hope to meet you there on sunny days.


Today, the real name of the club is ‘Wilde Renate‘, formerly ‘Salon zur Wilde Renate‘, as the name suggests, it is the kind of place that will blow your mind. If you like festival-style venues, do not miss it. In addition to the large area outside, you are facing with many dance floors consisting of blocks inside. In addition, one of the most interesting points is the sections consisting of small swimming pools. In this place where diversity is abundant, you witness deep, techno, minimal and many other genres. With its attractive theme, Wilde Renate offers a unique offer with open-air parties and unlimited fun. Also, the drinking inside is a little different, bring the empty and exchange it for the full. You should experience this with thematic parties and odd fashion styles. Never look weird to anyone, be different too.


A 20-year-old nightclub boasting a sound system and resident DJs, where not only the indoor but also the outdoor can entertain you. The club is made very interesting with its elite decoration and many things they have developed before others. On the pioneer floor, LED panels were applied for the first time in this place. Apart from this, it has an architectural structure that reveals the beautiful places around with its transparent ceiling and windows. The DJs who performs their show inside is definitely an important name. Unless you go on special days at the weekend, you will witness a Watergate night away from the chaos. The only thing you should not do is not go as a full group of male or female. The club is the perfect place for matches, as one of its goals is to keep the number of men and women equal.