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The Best of Aircasts x Techno Airlines

The list aimed to show the best DJ mixes presesented by Techno Airlines, so far. Welcome to the Techno Airlines‘ showcase of best mixes that have ever done in the

The Best of Aircasts x Techno Airlines
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  • PublishedJune 12, 2023

The list aimed to show the best DJ mixes presesented by Techno Airlines, so far.

Welcome to the Techno Airlines‘ showcase of best mixes that have ever done in the label in its whole history.

Since its establishment, Techno Airlines has been offering unique experiences to the followers. Articles shared every day, lists shared every week, Aircasts released every month… Eventually, today the editors of Techno Airlines are reviewing the most remarkable Aircasts that have been shared since the beginning with the readers.

Read on for reviews, and join us if you want to be listed next time!




Having reputated in the eclectic sets combining everything, today Anfisa Letyago is one of the most influential producer and DJ in the music industry, even approved by Carl Cox last year. In the tones of groove and electro, Siberian born Naplotean resident DJ presents an intense, yet smooth and long mix for Aircast. Letyago, who never stops dreaming, is symbolized by a positive attitude, and an infectious smile, and she spotted in the first rank in the list made for the best mixes for Techno Airlines according to the listeners by the record viewed over 70,000 times.

“Someone like Anfisa, with such a high spirit and a smile that lights up any room deserve to have that same representation to her music. Good music will always put a smile on your face.”



The highly-talented and internationally-acclaimed pair Chus & Ceballos, residents and self-proclaimed “cheeky duo”  get in touch with the divine for their mix of Techno Aircast. Created with the intention to elevate, resonate and impersonate into bumpy hour-long journey into the features mounting electro, euphoric rave crescendos and some downright ambrosian beats — transforming from stripped back percussion at the start to sweeping breaks at its conclusion. You can feel the natural match, interwining and synergy of the duo in this one of the most epic mix of Techno Airlines.



A feisty, high-energy mix, Korolova fires from all angles across this fluorescent combination of tracks. Her slick and stylish productions – whether solo or duo are just as powerful. She relinquishes rolling drums with delicate keys, evocative vocals and spine-tingling chord progressions that bring real freshness to melodic techno and progressive house are just some of the sounds that rise to the fore amid pumping bass and breaks. No genre boundaries, just vibes. Listened for thousands and thousands time again, we welcome again the princess of Kyiv!



This name needs no introduction. Yaya has smashed a tasty mix that is filled with a powerful techno house as well as a full of energy on his decks. Plenty of names asked in the posts “What is the ID of the track?” throughout his posts. It was madness when Yaya stepped up to the modular controls. This mix was force of pulsating grooves that is tight and flowing but still flips out in angular directions, reflected in the crowds rhythmic jerking as he goes on high rhythms. This cast of nearly 80-minutes highly followed by the listeners of Techno Airlines for so many years.




It is not easy to play a techno set full of vocals that absolutely rips up where Memfisa has mastered the art. Banging with bumpy acid and flutter kicks with moments of trance-induced bliss, this mix wass the weaving of vocals that run the grief, stunning and growling wild that make it whole fusioning. The listener will never be disappointed with a set from the almighty Memfisa. Her selection of tracks in this mix are particularly mind-blowing. Shredding up with a non-stop supply of basslines, she flicks through to get your ears tingling. Not only are we mesmerised by the tunes but also the natural skills on the decks. Techno Airlines followers highly appreciated the work she has done so far, and we congratulate and honor to induct Memfisa in the list of best Aircasts.

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