Richie Hawtin’s 5 Most Spectacular Stages

Explore Richie Hawtin's 5 unforgettable stages! Dive into mesmerizing sets from Boiler Room to Tomorrowland, celebrating the techno maestro's genius.

Richie Hawtin’s 5 Most Spectacular Stages
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  • PublishedFebruary 15, 2022
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Definitely a unique personality, Richie Hawtin‘s contribution to art and creativity makes him a technology pioneer in the music world of his time. The artist, who never accepts stagnation, improves himself day by day and adds something to himself, giving the impression that he is always open to all new experiences and ideas. Growing up in Canada, Richie Hawtin has left his mark on the last 2 decades and is considered the avant-garde of electronic music.

The sought-after name of all events or else in prime times, Richie Hawtin is shown as the most valuable person in the line-ups. This reputation of the artist, who is the megastar of techno music, comes from his memorable epic shows that he has made live on music event scenes.

Techno Airline’s authors reviewed and compiled Richie Hawtin’s 5 most memorable sets for you.

Boiler Room | Amsterdam, Holland

Techno’s lead innovator delivers the ultimate showcase for his new invention and project.

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Time Warp | Mannheim, Germany

Richie Hawtin is kicking off the new imprint with a bang because Time Warps is truly mesmerizing. Even though it spans only two tracks, it comes in at over 35 minutes, with each moment more hypnotic than the last. Let the minimalistic soundscapes cleanse your mind with deep, dark techno music.

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BPM Festival | Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

The last bloom of warmth that accompanied this year’s BPM in Portugal seems a distant memory. Fortunately, Richie Hawtin is on hand to provide a respite from the grim approach of winter with a recording of his set from the festival.

Mixmag Output | New York City, USA

Richie has once again delivered a flawless mix. Even more incredible, It’s live! His selection is the deepest and most unprecedented of “Minimal Techno“.

Tomorrowland | USA

The end of our time at Tomorrowland was actually the most memorable, with some of our favorite sets of the weekend. We made our return to Atmosphere for a wave of minimal techno with Richie Hawtin. With each pounding beat, over 200,000 red lights sparked the 360-degree tent. It was techno music heaven.

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