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Exotic Festivals to Attend in Summer

Many of us have been looking forward to the arrival of summer, especially after the pandemic. Now here it comes the revealing of the passports, leaving ourselves to the rhythm

Exotic Festivals to Attend in Summer
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  • PublishedJune 24, 2022
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Many of us have been looking forward to the arrival of summer, especially after the pandemic. Now here it comes the revealing of the passports, leaving ourselves to the rhythm of the music once again.

Awakenings, Time Warp or BPM, these are epic shows that everyone should know. In this article, some unheard of, out-of-the-box boutique events will be introduced for you. Book your place before it is taken.

Forbidden Forest


(July 2 – July 3, Grantham, United Kingdom)

Forbidden Forest is a UK electronic music festival. Created by dance music fans for dance music fans, the festival is all killer no filler.

Forgoing mainstream appeal in favour of technical and sonic prowess, Forbidden Forest’s lineup is annually comprised of some of the most respected and influential DJs and producers.

As spaces for dance music are continually threatened, the festival takes the party into the woods, bringing the original rave vibe back to the UK.

Moga Caparica


(June 1 – June 5, Lisboa, Portugal)

MOGA was born in Essaouira (Morocco), which was named Mogador by the Portuguese hundreds of years ago. MOGA is a Boutique electronic music festival inspired by the Atlantic vibes, providing an experience connecting people from all around the world through dance, music, art and wellness. Moga is also a tribe, a strong community of nomads spreading from Essaouira to Caparica and beyond. Get your pass to access the beach parties on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Also, enjoy access to the free OFF events throughout the 5 days including parties, food, talks, and more.

Echoes from Agartha

efa scaled

(June 29 – July 3, Cappadocia, Turkey)

Echoes from Agartha is a 5 day odyssey to Cappadocia, the heart of Anatolia an area also known as “Cradle of Civilization” for the number of innovations that arose from the early societies in this region, which are among some of the earliest known human civilizations on earth.

On June 29th, we welcome our community to one of the most breathtaking locations in the world to be part of an unparalleled adventure. A gathering designed to elevate your frequencies offering the best in music, history, Turkish cuisine and workshops in the naturally and historically rich Turkey. We are excited to showcase the unique features of the ancient land of Cappadocia and it’s culture as it is the center of our experience.

Come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving. It doesn’t matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair. Come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times. Come, yet again, come, come.

Lost in a Moment


(July 9, Tofte Manor, United Kingdom)

Lost In A Moment is neither a festival, nor a party. It is certainly not a rave. Yet it does share one single integral element with all of these: music.

It is a blend of simple ingredients: an outdoor location, a surround system, where together we dance alone. Staging happens beyond, below and on the stage at Lost In A Moment. The gaze is off the phone and off the DJ, everyone losing themselves in the mass. For us a surround system does not just address the sound, but the way in which people – audience and artists – approach each other. They embrace in their inwardness.

Lost In A Moment is a journey to an outdoor location. Be it a mountain above or an island on waters close to the city, a castle just at the outskirts or a natural reserve embracing the urban periphery, Lost In A Moment always thrives for a strong sensation of space instead of just event structure.

Festival Le Bon Air


(June 3 – June 5, Marseille, France)

Le Bon Air is an electronic music festival in Marseille, France. Going into its fifth year, the festival has rightfully earned itself a reputation for its ability to attract electronic veterans and promoting a welcoming culture of acceptance and progression.

Set in Marseille’s old tobacco factory Friche de la Belle de Mai, the venue has become an attractive art space and gives ample room and panoramic views from its roof terrace.

Over two days it will play host to over 45 artists across five stages, while on the Sunday the festival lays on a family-friendly day with workshops, communal brunch and more.

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