Denon brings it to a climax with its new equipments

Denon’s new media players SC6000 and SC6000M maintain the focus of DJs as being the new members of the brand’s Prime series.

Do you miss Game Of Thrones? Then have a look at digital DJ technologies. With the update that is brought by Denon’s DJ equipment to Prime series last January, where in the superiority race battleground was blown up in recent years, things seem to get even hotter.

Pioneer, Serato and Traktor, dominated the market with their high quality mixer, CD player and DJ controls, entered into a fierce competition on producing DJ software. While amateur and mobilized DJs witness the conflict between Pioneer, Numark, Native Instruments and Denon, the preferences of professional DJs remain the same: Technics turntable and Pioneer’s CDJs.

Denon, who was green with envy for Pioneer’s dominance over decades in the industry, gave the signals of the Prime series which will bring it to software and setups with its slogan “Change Your Rider” in 2017. The company announced that they will set up a new mixer and independent controller in January. Things get even hotter when Denon’s device, which is worthwhile to pay with its numerous features, faces with Pioneer’s pricy superior quality. While Denon’s new SC6000 and SC6000M riders have larger touchscreens, they have thinner design than its rival Pioneer’s devices and also it has music player feature with a wireless network which is not available on Pioneer devices. Nevertheless, Pioneer’s throne doesn’t seem to be getting replaced in the near future. To be informed about the latest updates, visit–wI8o

Author: Zeynep Yazıcı (Mixmag Turkey)