a Crash Course on DJ Poses

Dive into the dynamic world of DJ poses with our comprehensive guide to the signature stances that define the decks.

a Crash Course on DJ Poses
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  • PublishedApril 29, 2024
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Every DJ brings a unique flair to the turntables, creating iconic silhouettes that resonate with fans worldwide. Picture Armin van Buuren in his famous “T“, arms extended at shoulder height, vibrating with the energy of a trance anthem. This tableau and countless other signature moves form a visual lexicon that defines the DJ’s persona.

Armin van Buuren in his famous "T" Position (Drawing)

The Txter

This stance is all about nonchalance, with DJs like Darq E Freaker and Preditah seemingly engrossed in their phones, blending tracks with a detached cool.

DJs Seemingly Engrossed in Their Phones

The Cry-Baby

Emotion overtakes these artists as they resonate with every beat, tears streaming down their faces in moments of pure bliss. Notables include Prosumer and Move D.

The Cry-baby - DJ Pose

The Finger Piano-Player

For DJs like Dixon, the entire set might seem understated until they mimic playing a piano riff, suddenly animating with the music.

The Finger Piano-Player - DJ Pose

The Orgasmatron

DJs like Seth Troxler might show a sex face while deeply engaged in their mix, a testament to their intense focus and pleasure.

The Orgasmatron - DJ Pose

The Libido

With hips leading their movement, DJs such as Solomun and Shaun Reeves add a sultry edge to their otherwise standard mixing routine.

The Libido - DJ Pose

The Bobber

Technical prowess meets groove as DJs like Maceo Plex and Maya Jane Coles bob to the rhythm, tweaking settings with serious finesse.

The Bobber - DJ Pose

The Lean-back

DJs such as Skrillex and Rusko take a dramatic lean back, often preceding a head-thrashing drop, risking exposure and injury.

The Lean-back - DJ Pose

The Down-low

Skream and Jackmaster exemplify this pose, bending over the mixer as if overcome by a sudden bout of pain yet fully immersed in their craft.

The Down-low - DJ Pose

The Cowboy

With a hand swirling in the air, DJs like Davide Squillace and Luciano channel a wild west vibe, stepping to their beats.

The Cowboy - DJ Pose

The Jesus

Adopted by legends like Armin van Buuren and the Swedish House Mafia, this pose captures the peak of crowd interaction, arms spread wide in triumphant celebration.

The Jesus - DJ Pose

The Artist

Precision is key for DJs such as Icicle and Rockwell, who adjust every control with the finesse of a painter adding strokes to a canvas.

The Artist - DJ Pose

The Pointer

A pose favored by icons like David Guetta and Tiësto, pointing dramatically towards the crowd, is a gesture that’s as much at home in a bustling superclub as it is iconic anywhere.

The Pointer - DJ Pose

Source: DeepHouseAmsterdam (DHA) and MixMag

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