Annual Techno Report: A State of Dance Music

1001Tracklists, the world’s largest DJ set list database platform, shared its statistics for 2022 with its annual ‘A State of Dance Music’ report.

Over 67 thousand tracks were uploaded to the website, which has reached approximately 65 million visitors, in the last year (an average of 185 tracks per day). This number is one of the greatest of all time! In addition, people have used this platform to discover music at least 7 million times. Let’s take a look at the numbers and statistics in general.


In the report, which lists the tracks most supported by DJs, the record companies whose projects are most supported, the ‘top 50’ lists classified by music genres, and the best radio shows in the field of electronic music, the 10 most featured tracks in the sets added to the platform by 1001Tracklists users are respectively shown in this way;


While 12,339 of the 67,498 playlists added to 1001Tracklists, which was visited by approximately 65 million times in 2022, consisted of live recording sets, 99,042 new tracks entered the lists in the sets shared on the platform.

If we look at the genres of the songs that DJs supported the most last year, the biggest slice belongs to tech house with 21%. Although techno music is separated from other sub-genres and seems to be 3% with an average, we can say that it has a very good rate with other branches.


All other details in the ‘A State of Dance Music 2022‘ report, such as top labels, top streams, playlists, users, local statistics, etc. can be found here.