Ableton Live 11 is Introduced

Latest version of Live comes out with new audio tools and major improvements The 11th version of Ableton’s digital audio workstation (DAW) software Live, one of the most preferred brands

Ableton Live 11 is Introduced
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  • PublishedNovember 18, 2020
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Latest version of Live comes out with new audio tools and major improvements

The 11th version of Ableton’s digital audio workstation (DAW) software Live, one of the most preferred brands in music technologies, has been introduced.

The company, which released Live 10 in 2018, brings many innovations to Ableton’s mechanism in the newest update. Comping is one of the most spectacular feature in the update. By means of this feature, it becomes much more practical to combine the best parts of a vocal recording or alternative trial recordings of a particular composition taken at different times. Adding parts which are desired to be used in different recording files and replacing the sections with new ones on the Arrangement screen is now easier than before.


Another integration has the quality to upgrade the MIDI capabilities of Ableton Live. Thanks to MIDI polyphonic expression (MPE) integration, sensitivity to subtle acoustic nuances such as bend, slide and velocity during compositions performed on MIDI instruments has moved up to the next level. Users with hardware with MPE compatibility will start using these features very comfortably. For hardware that does not have MPE compatibility, thanks to the “Expression View” function offered by Ableton, it will be possible to make arrangements on the software with MPE automation data. Ableton’s popular tools such as Wavetable, Sampler and Arpeggiator will also have their own MPE support with Live 11.

The Hybrid Reverb is one of the innovations that thrill Ableton users. The plug-in, which allows the reverb tail to be extended to the desired extent and modify with the ease of algorithmic control, increases the physical reality of the reverb effect. The Spectral Resonator offers the opportunity to divide the spectrum in audio signals into segments and sensitively transform the relevant sound fields according to the frequency or the note played. It is also possible to use these sounds as converted for frequency or note as an instrument with MIDI.

Spectral Time, a powerful frequency-based delay effect module, the activating delay effect tool PitchLoop89, such as glitch, and Inspired By Nature, which includes six special instruments / effects that benefit from both natural and physical processes, are among the new features that makes Ableton Live 11 different.

In Live 11, adding new features such as Note Chance and Velocity Chance to increase the random creativity during production and live performance are arousing excitement. The software has the ability to detect the tempo played during the live performance from the audio signals and automatically adjust itself to that tempo in real time adjustment. The most preferred macros in layered parameter assignments also got their cut from the update. Ableton Live users, who can currently use 8 macros, will be able to use 16 macros in the Live 11 version and the temporal changes made on the macros will be recorded and a retrospective linear remembering mechanism will be presented to the users.

The beta version of Live 11 is now available for users who had Ableton Live 10 Standard and Suite version. For more information about Ableton Live 11, which will be available with full version in early 2021, you can visit this page.

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