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5 Exceptional and Dream-like Stations for Ravers

Top 5 fascinating raver venues where you will feel the party spirit and excitement to the deepest part of the inner own. The rave culture composed by music lovers, who

5 Exceptional and Dream-like Stations for Ravers
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  • PublishedMarch 13, 2022

Top 5 fascinating raver venues where you will feel the party spirit and excitement to the deepest part of the inner own.

The rave culture composed by music lovers, who brings their energy and creativity together, from all over the world, gathers in different centers and creates a fascinating atmosphere every single time. In this meeting, cross cultures as well as all dance music genres come to the fore ,thus the rave spirit emerges. Here, the world’s most popular parties and the top 5 venues, where this rave enthusiasm reaches its peak, are brought together.

Tbilisi – Georgia

Despite being known to be quite conservative, Georgia’s capital city, Tbilisi, is famous for its special rave nights. The spirit of rave in this Caucasian country never goes away, especially the shows held here in Haroom, and of course, by the pioneer of Bastiani. Despite the pressure of the church in recent years, the club has never stepped back from its ideals.

Since it opened in 2014, Bassiani has gained a reputation as one of the world’s best techno clubs, and visitors from around the world come to Tbilisi to party there. But in Georgia, the club is about more than just wild nights out: It is on the front line of debates that have led to showdowns with the authorities and threatened to boil over into violence.

bassiani club tbilisi

(Bastiani, Georgia)

 Tel Aviv – Israel

It’s not a myth. Tel Aviv is known as ‘the city that never sleeps’ for a reason. From a booming Tel Aviv nightlife bar scene to a collection of one-of-a-kind cocktail bars, you would be silly to call it an early night in the White City. If bars are not your thing, and neither is the alternative Tel Aviv nightlife, and you’re looking to shake that tail feather to Israel’s craziest DJs, one of the coolest club, The Block, will be about the told.

Recently renovated and re-opened in Tel Aviv’s famed Central Bus Station, the Block is a highly customized, beloved underground club. From its state of the art analog sound system, to their ability to lure in world renowned DJs every weekend – the Block party is hard to top.


(The Block, Israel)

Warsaw – Poland

Poland is an increasingly popular destination for party-hungry people who appreciate a true underground rave scene. Former factories, warehouses, and labyrinth- like clubs welcome ravers from different parts of the world. There you may enjoy various sets by the famous names and local DJs who have formed the very underground scene of Poland.

Instytut’s partygoers are a loyal audience: many ravers from the crowd were new (attracted by its exciting history), but many participated in all previous parties and started this adventure 16 years ago. So, Instytut is just connecting the generations. No ageism, no stress, pure music and love in the air.

(Instytut, Poland)

Kiev – Ukraine

If you are keen on electronic beats and love dancing all night long, Kyiv is your paradise. Intense parties of Ukrainian capital are regularly compared to the famous Berlin raves. Welcome to enjoy energizing underground vibes of techno, drum and bass, trance and other music genres at the best Kyiv rave events.

More than just a nightclub, Closer is a bohemian tour de force that epitomises Kyiv’s emergence as a hub of creativity and counterculture. Heavily influenced by Berlin’s community of 24-hour party people, Closer throws weekend raves that last well into the following afternoon. There are spaces to fit all moods, including three dance halls, a chill-out garden and a mini outdoor amphitheatre.

There’s even a vintage clothing shopon premises should you feel the need for a 4am buying spree. Casual weekday events include superb jazz nights roughly every other Thursday – check the Facebook page for the schedule.


(Closer, Ukraine)

Belgrade – Serbia

In Belgrade, every night is Friday night. Everyone is ready to party at all the time, dance the night away, and go straight to work the next day. It’s really hard to resist the temptation when you know that on any given evening there are countless clubs out there full of young, gorgeous people having so much fun.

A lot of people who visit Belgrade and take part in its nightlife say that the only place they can compare it to is Ibiza, since both places have huge club opening and closing events. However, the difference is that Belgrade clubs work 12 months a year, while Ibiza clubs work only four.

One of the most popular areas to hang out in the evening in Belgrade is the district Savamala, one of the trendiest areas of the capital and real proprtio center of urban culture and night entertainment, populated by restaurants, clubs and bars, but also from important art galleries and cultural centers. Founded in the 18th century, Savamala is one of the oldest districts in Belgrade, and it is still known thanks to its rustic atmosphere that meets modern urban style.


(Savamala, Serbia)

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