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10 Techno Music Youtube Channels to Learn Producing

The best ways to step into a new professional career in producing electronic/techno music, where you can develop yourself, expand your interest or spend your spare time. There are diversed

10 Techno Music Youtube Channels to Learn Producing
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  • PublishedJanuary 25, 2023
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The best ways to step into a new professional career in producing electronic/techno music, where you can develop yourself, expand your interest or spend your spare time. There are diversed techno music youtube channels to follow, and Techno Airlines editors have listed them in this article.

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest opportunities offered by the Internet age is that information sharing and access to shared information become easier and more diverse day by day. For our readers who want to take their first step in a new career, we have listed popular YouTube channels where they can learn about music production.

Music production is a broad field that includes various components such as sound design, arrangement, composition, music theory, recording, mixing and mastering. Are you ready to take the first step into music production and embark on a journey in this rich and entertaining world full of different parameters? Among the best 10 techno music Youtube channels are listed below.


Production Music Live is a channel that stands out with its videos that cover the production of certain styles, especially techno, from start to finish. The channel also offers access to many instructional videos, such as working with MIDI notes, software tips, specific training sessions for certain sound production tools, and production mistakes to avoid. You can watch the sample video about creating drum patterns in the dark techno style below, and you can access all the videos on the channel from the link below the video.


A full of content, including training videos focusing on different skills in various music styles and special live broadcasts, is waiting for you on this channel. You can watch a part of the video series shared by the channel on sound design below.


From sound synthesis to full track production, tips on positioning equipment in your home studio, and the intricacies of writing a bass composition, videos are on SeamlessR channel. You can examine the steps of creating a drum composition in detail in the sample video.


Another popular YouTube channel on our list is Zen World, where videos focusing on different skills according to styles, as well as production techniques identified with world-famous producers are shared. You can watch the sample video below, which deals with the programming of the shaker sound element that you may need while producing in the house style.


In addition to technical tips, Busy Works Beats, which gives you the opportunity to improve your melodic composition skills, is one of the channels that anyone interested in music production should follow. Before you start reviewing all Busy Works Beats content from the link below, you can watch the tricks of being a more creative beatmaker with the help of Scaler software, which makes it easier for producers when creating chord walks, in the sample video.


Pyramind is one of the channels that makes a difference with its interviews with producers from all over the world and broadcasts where industry professionals share their views on special topics such as music licensing and marketing. Just before embarking on a journey in the rich content of Pyramind, we strongly recommend that you watch the sample video that underlines the importance of the richness that chord walks add to the piece when creating a composition.


Multiplier is for you if you are looking for training videos that explain the intricacies of creating your own unique sound textures. You can learn how to make the effects you use more powerful in the sample video we have chosen from the channel, which offers tips on sound processing techniques, creating effect modulations and detailed plugin introductions, as well as technical issues that fall under the field of sound engineering in the wide range of music production.


Various software tips, plugin reviews, sound design techniques and practical information on music theory are on this channel. In the following sample content of ADSR, one of the popular channels of the YouTube world, you can see the limitlessness of what you can do with the help of the echo effect on the audio elements you will use.


The Producer School is a channel that draws attention with its educational videos that convey the soundscapes identified with famous artists with detailed narrations, as well as examining the thematic structures of different electronic music genres. You can take your place in The Producer School‘s wide range of content through a sample video detailing the making of a Future Trance piece.


Known for its extensive video archive on the operation of different digital audio processing station (DAW) software, Sonic Academy, one of the largest educational portals in the field, has resources available to anyone interested in music production on its YouTube channel. Before checking out Sonic Academy‘s YouTube channel, which is the developer of the popular synthesizer plugin ANA, as well as producing various sound bank packages frequently used by producers, be sure to watch the effect of using reverse reverb effect on clap sound.


So which software and audio tools should you use? Stay tuned for more articles that we will prepare for the most preferred DAW software and virtual synthesizer plugins, as well as tens of thousands of sound sample files that you can download for free.

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